Here some necessary knowledge of foreign exchange short-term trading-
1. Learn to watch the 5-minute face, beginners must slowly accumulate experience. This will cultivate your patience. See also the 15 minute and 1-minute faces.

2. Don't worry about trading. Finance does not enter the emergency door. Practice the basic skills, practice the techniques, and rehearsal after the simulation exercises, increase the success rate, and practice makes perfect. I don’t practice practising punches and I’m old. Every minute, every minute, there is a chance: you won't miss the opportunity.

3. Patients is a virtue, patience is waiting, patience is waiting for the signal establishment, opportunity to determine, time and location in place. Patience is a guarantee of success. Patience is a high standard and strict requirements. Patience is an inevitable requirement for precision trading and secure trading.

4. Wait for the signal to establish the whole point transaction, wait for one column to finish, change the column, (the progress of the five-day moving average through the column to see the time progress of each column, wear a column, enter the next column) to see the five-day moving average Change in place, see if the centrifugation or not, angle and position changes. Determine whether to buy or not.

A slow three-point steady, change the column, wait for this column to rise to the top or fall to the bottom, will not buy halfway up the mountain. Changing the column sometimes changes direction, just like waiting for the traffic light to change.

5. waiting for position trading, do not call back in place, do not trade, wait for time and change the column, just wait for the candlestick to go to the position, such as the slanting disk to trade, when the candlestick call back touches or wears the 14-day moving average, when you are sure, buy in an instant, buy back in the opposite direction.

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