Apps are great. They are a way to make working from home a lot easier especially on your computer. There are so many apps that aid you to increase your productivity whether it is business-based or for your artistic skills. No PC is complete without having the right apps on it and this also applies to Windows 10. Therefore, we will give you a list of the must-have apps for Windows 10 so that you can see what you are missing out on. This is for anyone who just wants a refresher or for someone who recently got Windows 10 and does not know what to start downloading. But first…

How Apps Can Help You
As mentioned above, apps can increase your productivity as well as make your PC more fun and easier to handle. Also, they can save you time if you have to search for certain items for your job. There are also applications that lean more towards the creative side such as that of creating music or voice overs to making digital art such as photo editing. These can be for work or fun but certain apps are the way to go.

The Apps You Would Want
Necessary software for Windows 10 are a lot but we have narrowed it down to what you would not want to go without. However, the first most important app you would want to get in is an anti-virus. This can be of any kind that will protect your PC. Now, on to the fun stuff.

VLC Media Player is the most well-known app that can play videos, and music in many formats. It is easy to use and does not take up too much space on your hard drive. It is a classic among PC fans. This is great for movie lovers but for those that love sound, in particular, to work with it, then there is Audacity. This one is great for beginners diving into the music field since it offers a lot of features and functions that are easy to pick up. Plus, it can make editing voice-overs a breeze. Don’t only take our word for it, would most likely agree too.

However, a PC is nothing if it does not have enough space for you to do anything. This is where WinDirStat comes into the equation. It is a program that can tell you which folders take up the most amount of space. You can delete them to give you more freedom or move them elsewhere with a simple click. To enhance your productivity on Windows 10, read article.

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