The Easter season has come to be known as another time of year when it is appropriate to give gifts of candy to friends and loved ones. This year you could run to the corner drug store or a big box retail store to pick up those gifts as usual, but you’ll be giving the same stuff that everyone else is giving. If you’re looking for unique Easter gift ideas, try one or more of these delightful candy boxes.

Try something like The Bunny Bucket. It’s a sturdy metal bucket is adorned with colorful rabbits on the outside surface. The inside of the bucket is stuffed full of delicious candies that include Peanut Butter Caramel, Candy Crunch Bars, and Orange “Carrot” that is filled with Chocolate-covered Sunny Seeds and more. Edible Easter Grass is inside, too, along with the candy everyone loves: the Cadbury Crème Egg. Each candy type is individually wrapped and then tucked inside the cute bucket. Whether the recipient of your gift is a child or an adult, that person will be delighted to receive the Bunny Bucket this Easter holiday.

The Eggs-Travaganza Basket is a perfect gift to take to the hostess of any Easter party to which you’ve been invited this year. The wicker basket is painted a cheerful yellow and then stuffed full of wonderful treats. A 6 oz. foiled rabbit, Spring Petite Cookie, Good TO GO Gummy Bears and a six-pack of Foiled Chocolate Eggs are just some of the delights that await the recipient of this gift basket. There are plenty more candies inside this lovely basket. In fact, whoever receives this great basket will have more than enough goodies to share with other guests or family members, and you will be the talk of the party.

The Easter Jubilee Basket is the ultimate goodie basket. It is a pretty white wicker basket that is hopping with edible Easter Grass, a Chocolate & Vanilla Bunny Pez two-pack, twelve Bunny Peeps and loads of Bunnies Lollipops. But that isn’t all that you’ll find inside this wicker wonder. Mega Candy Buttons, Easter Carrot with Sunny Seeds and Vanilla the Bunny Plush are just a few more delights contained within this special basket. You’ll have candy to last a long time when you purchase this for yourself, or feel free to share all the bounty with your family. You might want to purchase an Easter Jubilee Basket for every child on your gift-giving list this spring.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler to give as a gift this Easter, the Choc-A-Lot: Gourmet Graham Crackers makes a wonderful treat. The crunchy graham crackers inside are covered in milk or dark chocolate. Then they are individually decorated with a variety of edible adornments such as colorful candy sprinkles, peanut butter chips, M&Ms candies, or drizzles of more chocolate. Once you bite into one of these treats, you’ll want more, and so will the person who receives them on Easter morning. They are delicious and sweet, with a satisfying crunch that will delight everyone who gives them a try. They come in a festive square box with a peek-through lid that will have you salivating as soon as you remove it from the shipping package. But save it for the holiday! Better yet: order one box to open as soon as you receive it plus extra ones to give to friends and loved ones.

Bunnies and chicks aren’t the only fun animals at Easter-time this spring. Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears are a charming treat that will bring grins to the faces of old and young alike. The gummy bears are coated in milk chocolate then tucked inside a brightly-colored box. Juicy, gummy and sweet, they will disappear quickly on Easter morning, so make sure you grab a handful for yourself as soon as you open the box.

Finally, a fun and unique candy box for this special spring holiday is the Bunny Pants Easter Basket. The container is really a bucket that is fashioned in the form of a pair of pants with handles that serve as suspenders. It’s a farm-style design that is so cute you’ll almost forget about the goodies tucked inside it. But you won’t forget for very long once your eyes begin to take in the array of sweets. Sweet Tart Bunny Gummies, Candy Crunch Bars, Cadbury Mini-Eggs and other candies will overflow into eager hands. Catch them quickly and be prepared for the giggly sugar rush that everyone will feel when they dig into this cute candy gift basket this season.

So don’t give the same old baskets with ordinary candies this Easter. Take a look at the array of unique candy boxes that are available for this year’s holiday and delight everyone you know.

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Jim Plaskey is a freelance writer who writes about shopping and food products including candy boxes.