Liver transplant surgery is done in end-stage liver disease. The cost of a liver transplant is high. A complete check-up should be performed to make surgery successful.

What Are Early Symptoms Of Liver Disease?
The liver is one of the busiest organs of the body. Your liver performs a variety of functions. When your liver is slightly diseased, you may not experience the symptoms. It is because the other healthy liver tissues are capable to carry out the functions. However, once you start experiencing the symptoms, you should not ignore them. Some of the common early-stage symptoms of liver disease are:
– Nausea and vomiting
– Chronic fatigue and weakness
– Yellowing of eye and skin
– Swelling in legs and ankles
In Which Conditions You Require A Liver Transplant?
If the doctor diagnoses you with end-stage liver disease, you may require liver transplantation. The following disease may lead to liver transplantation:

Cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis is caused due to chronic inflammation of the liver tissues. You may have liver cirrhosis when the healthy cells of your liver are damaged and replaced by the scar tissue. Your liver, devoid of healthy hepatocytes, may not able to function properly. Liver cirrhosis may be caused due to chronic hepatitis, alcohol abuse, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Biliary atresia: In this disease, the bile ducts are blocked, and the bile is unable to leave the liver. The bile gets accumulated, leading to damage and scarring of the liver.

Liver cancer: If you have liver cancer that is not treated with conventional therapies including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery, the doctor may advise you to undergo liver transplantation.

Acute Hepatic necrosis: Acute hepatic necrosis is the acute damage of liver cells. If the patient has more than 70% necrosis in the specimen, there are 90% chances of mortality in the absence of liver transplantation.

Metabolic diseases: Various metabolic diseases such as Wilson’s disease, glycogen storage disease, Alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency, and urea cycle deficiency may require a liver transplant.

What Are The Symptoms Of End Stage Liver Disease?
If you are suffering from end-stage liver disease, you may experience the following symptoms:

Fatigue and weakness: As the liver is primarily responsible for metabolism and energy production, you may have fatigue and weakness.

Nausea and vomiting: You may also experience nausea and vomiting due to changes in gut motility. The gastrointestinal distress may also be due to excess of toxins present that irritates the stomach.

Abdominal pain: Because of the fluid accumulation in the abdomen, you may experience abdominal pain.

Loss of appetite: As there is an alteration in insulin resistance and reduced gut health, you may experience loss of appetite.

Weight loss: Malabsorption, increased energy expenditure, poor food intake, and lack of liver function results in unintended weight loss.

Bruising and bleeding: You may have a low level of blood clotting proteins because of liver disease. It may cause easy bruising and bleeding.

Hepatic encephalopathy: You may experience confusion and unconsciousness due to the accumulation of toxins in the brain.

Adverse reactions to medications: As the medications are not metabolized effectively by the liver, you may have increased sensitivity to drugs.

Swelling in legs and ankles: Fluid is accumulated in ankles and legs in case of advanced liver disease.

Which Factors Are Considered For Liver Transplant?
Following factors are considered for liver transplant:

MELD Score: MELD score indicates the extent of liver damage and the urgency of a liver transplant.

Comprehensive health evaluation: Complete health check-up is done to diagnose other diseases such as diabetes or heart disease.

Counseling sessions: In the case of depression and anxiety related to disease and surgery, counseling sessions are offered to patients.

Alcohol abuse: If you are taking alcohol and are alcohol addicts, the doctor advises you to stop taking alcohol

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Liver Transplant In Delhi - Liver transplant surgery is done in end-stage liver disease. The cost of a liver transplant is high. A complete check-up should be performed to make surgery successful