Being pregnant is a pretty satisfying thing for women, but there are those women who have to endeavor for a long period of time before they can eventually be with child. The woman's inner clock continues ticking while trying. You may feel like you are going insane with each negative pregnancy test mocking you. While trying to conceive, it is vital to maintain an ideally healthy vagina. You should only use the appropriate fluids in the occurence of vaginal dryness, as well as dodge products that can produce an aggressive ambience for sperm.

Vaginal Health

You see it on TV all the time advertisements offering feminine wipes and washes to keep you feeling fresh. But are you sure these are okay for you to use while you are attempting to get pregnant? The honest answer is no, and they are not good for you when you aren't trying either. Everyday the vagina is competent at cleaning itself and does not need any help from other products. We are conditioned to think the usual vaginal fluids are repugnant when in fact this is untrue. Using vaginal products will disrupt the typical PH balance of your vagina.


Stress and uneasiness can often go hand in hand when you are wanting a baby. A method for getting pregnant is scheduling your copulation. This means not being excited enough to try, and so you should use some products that can help you. Most couples will turn to false lubrication sold at drug stores to help make sex more pleasurable. Most lubricants are injurious for the sperm leading them to being damaged and of no use if you are trying to get pregnant. Most lubricants are in fact toxic to sperm because of the products they are made with. This is not widely known since the makers are not required to place that warning on the boxes. There is a brand of lubrication named Pre-Seed which aims to help couples with lubricating the vagina while trying to conceive. It contains the proper ingredients without toxic, as well as the suitable PH balance needed by the sperm to reach the egg without any trauma coming to it. It comes with applicators to be placed straight into the vagina near the cervix to help assist the journey of sperm. Pre-Seed is an impersonation of the caliber of the cervical fluids.

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