Your twenties(20s) are the time when you experience a lot many things from life, and that's probably the first time. Everything happens for the first time brings a lesson for us. And that’s what we need to understand. But in order to overcome the failures and to make sure we are on the right path, we need someone at there for guide us and we can follow.

Yes, we need a mentor, a leader, a role model in our 20s age. Why because it’s the time to learn more and experience more. So, here it’s the article about why you need a Good leader or role model in your twenties.
A Leader who give lift you up
We need a good leader in the 20s because we want to improve our self. We need to work more on ourselves.

A good leader always guides us for the right path in career. We have goals to achieve, a life to create, plan to improve our self.

All that’s easy when we have someone right one is there to guide us. A good leader always looks at your approach and advise you what you need to change or adapt.

For leading us to Better future
A right leader understands your capabilities and weakness well, as they have to face the same challenges as yours. So instead of forcing you to become perfect, a role model will guide you in the things you can perform well and that helps you in maintaining a positive mindset for future.

Firstly, they look for what you can do, and then they train you accordingly. So that you can do the things which you have wished for. And this brings you closer to the future, you have dreamed of.

A leader with the same path as yours
As said, your 20s are the time when you experience many things for first. You have to acquire help from the ones who have survived the faze. A one who have that challenges and life experience that you can learn from.

Whether it’s career or life, a good leader guides you for the life faze you have. You require their guidance because they have applied the options to handle the situation.

Someone who handle you in tough life
Life in your 20s brings many challenges to test you. Life examines you well at this time. So it may happen that in the process you lose faith in your own. At that time, when you have a good leader around you, they never let you lose on your own self. They continuously guide and motivate you to become tougher and better, day-by-day.

A good leader will transform yourself from running from the situation to face hard times.

Leader to guide us in direction
We have to believe that we are not always Right, and we don’t have to. There are many things, about which we have to accept reality. We have to accept that we failed. But instead of keep thinking about that failure, a leader advises you to take a lesson from that.

Hence, they will never let you feel depressed, but they make you ready to accept another challenge.

Leader who impact you positively
You need a mentor not to conquer others in life race. But to defeat your own self. Yes, you need to complete with yourself first. Fear of failures, negativity, procrastination, bad habits, laziness, etc. are your enemies. And in order to achieve the goals you have, you need to defeat them. As your role model has also faced the same life faze, they can guide for this for sure.

When you read autobiography of your favorite leader or role model, their journey guide you how to overcome negativity facing now and grow in life.

Right leader: A Source of motivation
Indeed, you are self-motivators, and keep getting that power boost within. But at some point, you really need someone at there to give some positive words for your ears and mind as well. A good leader will be the Source of your motivation.

When you have those positive minds around you, you will never find yourself lost, but you find yourself learning a lesson. A lesson that going to change lives positively. If you haven't find that right leader in life, don't just wast time find them. You'll find the one any way, but till that be your own leader, be your own motivator.

Industry leader from whom you learn
You have that loving family who care for you, who sit beside you and trying to solve the life situation. But your family has no awareness of everything you are facing or industry you are in. At that time you have to consult with one who is an expert in the work, you are doing.

Because industry expert is the one you need the most. Your family can give you moral support, but a good leader of your industry will be the ultimate solution to achieve expertise.

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