Do you feel tired of your heavy workload? It’s highly likely that there’s something missing on your daily checklist. Whatever you do, you should have a consistent morning routine. It acts as a foundation for your whole day’s productivity. So if you ignore it, you will get off track your entire day.
There are certain elements that you really should integreate into your morning routine. It’s time to reorganise your daily checklist. These are my 10 suggestions for you:

1. Sleep for 8 Hours
You need to sleep for 8 hours to be productive and cognitively optimal during the day. You may have heard of it hundreds of times but I still have to repeat that there is a ton of research done on the effects lack of sleep brings to people and the results are devastating.
So if you want to be productive, sleep would be the first thing on your daily checklist.

2. Early Physical Activity
I don’t mean an hour-long session in the gym. You can do that if that’s your things, but by this, I mean simple stretching, maybe a 10-minute walk, or a short 5 to 7 minutes long exercise.
You just need something to wake up your body and get the blood flow going. Use whatever physical exercise works for you for as long as you need to wake up.

3. Eat Some (Healthy) Food
Food gets energy in your body early in the morning and wakes up your mind in a different way than exercise.
You need food in the morning and I hope you will eat something healthy because that has the best benefits for your mind and for your body.
There are so many healthy meals you can make for your breakfast, or you can simply buy one that you like. Peanut butter, low-cab cookies, healthy snacks, etc. Loads of choices for your healthy and nutrious breakfast.

4. Do Your Favorite Unproductive Activity
An unproductive activity in the morning on productive day? Yes, that’s what you shoud include on your daily checklist. Because You Are Not A Robot.
You are a human being and we need fun, unproductive, and lazy time. If you spend 10 to 20 minutes in the morning doing your favorite unproductive activity, you will feel comfortable and be ready for all challenging task ahead.
Some people watch YouTube, some some listen to their favourite kind of music, annd you can do whatever you like. That’s why it’s your favorite unproductive activity.

5. Personal Reflection Time
You can also spend a couple of minutes for yourself to center yourself for the upcoming day. I do this by walking toward my workplace while listening to music or watching my favourite Youtubers. It can be whatever works for your – a prayer, a minute of silence, sitting down in the car and doing nothing, etc.

6. Get Yourself into a Working Frame by Reading
You should sit down and open up a book or an article which is related to your field of work. This is really important. Once you read an article or a couple of pages of a book which is related to your field of work, your brain will put a focus on that information and it will start producing some marvelous ideas and solutions.
Put yourself into the right frame of mind and you’re almost there.

7.Get rid of distractions
Put your front page on your browser to something which won’t seduce you into procrastinating. Use headphones even if you don’t listen to music because your colleagues will know that you mean business when they are on. Close the doors and shut the drapes. Turn off notifications on your phone.
No distractions make you work – because there is nothing else to do and your brain is already in that state of mind.

8. When Tired, Rest. Don’t Quit!
You will get tired during the day and when that happens, don’t try to push through it. Simply stop working and go rest.

The problem here is that nobody ever taught us how to rest and our culture looks at that as laziness. There is a major difference between the two, but the most important thing when resting is that you 100% rest. So no working, and no thinking about working!

9. Reward Yourself
The best thing after a productive day is the reward you get by being productive.
Don’t ignore this thing on your daily checklist. If you’ve done everything from the checklist, give yourself a proper reward for that. It will make your brain remember the activity as pleasurable and it will become easier for you to do it.
Learn to celebrate small wins so you’ll stay motivated and keep up the momentum.

10. Track Your Day
You need to check things off the daily checklist.
By tracking your day, you realize what you did and didn’t do for that day. After a couple of days of working everything from your checklist, the goal becomes not to “break the chain.” Track your daily checklist because you will grow a habit of doing it.
You now have all the 10 things for your daily checklist which will make you super productive. Put it somewhere visible where it can look at you every single morning and every single evening.

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My name is Jamie I love to share about productivity, health, and business. In this post, I hope you can have an overview of productivity. Just clear these elements, I'm sure that you will have a great life.
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