Being overweight seems to be something of an occupational hazard of modern life. It is very hard to avoid and most of us are struggling with it to some extent. You try different diets, some of them seem to work, but then guess what – a short while later you are back where you started. But now you have that holiday or big event or whatever, and you need to get rid of that weight right now. This is where you need to be really careful and begin to understand how weight loss really works.

The vast majority of rapid weight loss systems you will come across (and there are so many!) are based on starvation or crash diets of some sort. Many of them will be centred around some silly gimmick like soup or some other single type of food. Whatever gimmick they choose the principle and the result is always the same. The diet involves starving yourself of calories, either through low fat, low carbohydrate, low calorie or whatever. The result is a certain amount of weight loss (most of it water). You can not do the diet for too long because it will damage your health, and when you come off it, the weight comes piling back. You often end up heavier than before the diet, and this is indeed inevitable with some diets because of what these do to your metabolism.

So first things first - you need to avoid anything that involves the latest gimmick and anything that ultimately results in starving yourself. Not only do you not need to starve to lose weight, but doing so can bring about changes in your metabolism that will inevitably lead to you putting weight on. You should not accept that you will put weight back on after your diet. It is perfectly possible to lose weight, gain your target weight and then stay there. What you need to do is not think about ‘going on a diet’ so much as making permanent changes in your lifestyle. And I do not mean living on lettuce and spending hours in the gym every day. With the right knowledge and understanding of foods and their impact on your metabolism, you can make permanent changes that allow you to stay slim for as long as you want to.

The key to all this is an understanding of what foods to eat, which ones to steer well clear of, how often to eat them and in what combination. The results of this understanding are that you can bring about metabolic changes so that your body starts to burn stored fat very quickly. Your body uses energy all the time and in order to make weight loss much easier and faster, you need your body to turn first to stored fat whenever energy is required. It is the understanding of how certain foods in the right combination can bring about this change that is the key to not only rapid, but healthy weight loss.

Several people have cracked this principle and come up with their own detailed descriptions of how to bring about these changes. When you are looking at diet plans make sure you find the ones that understand this crucial principle. The best ones are now very well established and have thousands of satisfied customers who will testify to the success of the systems.

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