Your Attitude about yourself impacts every area of your life. Have you ever noticed that when you have low self-esteem and lack self-confidence that you feel victimized by challenges, are fearful to take risks to make changes in your life and are obsessed with thoughts that reinforce your lack of self worth?

An antidote to low self-esteem is an empowering Self-Esteem Exercise that assures you an Attitude Boost when you articulate and practice Your Ideal Self Visualization. It is important to keep in mind that transforming your Attitude from low self-esteem to empowered self-confidence starts as an inside job. By changing your thoughts you change your life. When you create Your Ideal Self Visualization you are using the full resources of your imagination to experience Your Ideal Self from the inside out.

Remember: Your ability to experience Your Ideal Self in a visualization sets in motion and accelerates your ability to be Your Ideal Self in your daily life. You are creating a new brain pathway proclaiming: I Am Confident, I Am Happy, I Am Loved and Loving. (To learn more about how the brain works go to:

Your Ideal Self Visualization – A Self-Esteem Exercise


-Write a description of Your Ideal Self, in the present tense. Be specific. Include:
-What you look like
-The sound of your voice
-What you are wearing
-Your posture
-What you are feeling
-What you are doing

Allow yourself to dream big – whatever a big dream is for you. Do not get caught in the web of how you’re going to accomplish what you are visualizing. Focus on describing yourself as though you are living your ideal life. Remember: The creative process is the same whether your dream includes exercising 3 times a week or starting a new business; whether you want more time with your family or you want to join the Peace Corp; whether you want to eliminate debt or audition for American Idol.

Example: I love myself. I take care of my body. I eat healthy food. I exercise regularly. I am calm. I sleep well. I am focused in the present moment. I am comfortable in jeans as well as dressing up. I meditate on a daily basis for 20 minutes. I read books that help me explore who I am. I have a great relationship with myself, my mom and my husband. We laugh a lot. I have friends who love me and enjoy being with me. I speak up for myself confidently and I listen to others without judgment – accepting that what they say is true for them. I acknowledge my feelings and am truthful with myself. I consciously make the choice to see the gifts in all situations. I handle stress well and have faith in a satisfying future. I am a positive thinker. I am pleased that the work I do as a coach is helpful to my clients and satisfying for me. I am financially secure and generously share my gifts, talents and skills.

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