10 Rules Of Negotiation:

1. Don't negotiate

Sell to the problem. They make a decision based if they are willing to pay x amount of money for that solution.

2. Don't negotiate with yourself

We all have tendency to lose a bit of a confidence. Ex: what is the other guy thinking? What price do I ask? Set a figure you want and stick do it, before the negotiation. Works at both cases: buying or selling.

3. Never except the first offer

Because, if he is good negotiator, then he has something good behind. If he is not a professional, then he has is negotiating with himself already and has something better coming. So there is always a better offer coming. Not always in money, but a better offer.

4. Never make the first offer.

If you can avoid it. Other person puts their stake on the ground. It may be better then you expected. You reveal to much about yourself or you may lose the deal after all.

5. Listen more and talk less

We have 2 ears, 2 eyes and 1 mouth, so we should use them in proportion. Ears and eyes 80% of the time and a mouth 20% of a time. Because if you speak less it is harder to break the rules.

6. No free gifts.

Make sure in negotiation if they want something from you you get smt in return. It may be also a information. Make sure they work for it.
1) Today's offer is a starting point. Free gift: a 10% discount. But the next time they already start with 10% deal.
2) Next time they want discount as well. So they take additional 10%

7. Watch the salami

Don't split the product into smaller parts. Because they may start choosing what they want to buy. Sell a total offer. You give them the total price and tell what it is.

8. Avoid the rookies regret

Everyone walks away from a deal thinking could/should I have done better. So you need to ask 3 questions:
1) If I am about to make extra 10 days credit - What does it actually cost me?
2) What is it worth for other guy?
3) So if I know what does it cost me and how for him - how much I get? Ex. If I offer a solution that cost me 10 dollars, then I should get back something from him what is worth 10 dollars. So people are equal and there will be no "rookies regret".

9. Always avoid quick deal

People have time scale. You recognize when they start to speed up. Don't look it as closing deal. They want your stake out, so that they get an advantage. Get back, find out the value for them and offer equal cost for it.

10. Never tell what your bottom line was.

No matter how friendly you are. Never tell them how far you could have been pushed. That is dangerous, because you change a win-win situation into lose-win.

So go and practice and be great !

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Have had 3 years of sales career, also working on different business projects and a mentor for many people.