Birth of a child is the most joyous moment in the life of parents who welcome their baby with love, affection and happiness. From conception to birth it brings lots of joy and dreams which they dream for themselves and their baby. Though everyone wishes for a safe pregnancy and delivery without any problems, things may go wrong in some cases. Some may be unfortunate and have trouble either during pregnancy, during birth or just after birth. Our precious little ones may have to go through some hardship during the initial period before adjusting to the new environment.

These troubled times in a baby’s life may call for immediate medical intervention and the need of neo natal care arises. Neo natal care is the specialized care unit dedicated to the premature, very low birth weight or new born babies. While neo natal care deals with children at a very early stage that is just after birth, Pediatrics a sub-specialty of medicine which deals with infants, younger children, adolescents and teenagers.

Neo natal care is not just counting the number of fingers or checking the physical conditions of a baby, it involves assessing their neuromuscular condition, ensuring their long-term health and wellness too. At this stage of a baby’s life, even the smallest problem looks magnified as we have to deal with a very young baby who is completely dependent on us.

One such hospital which provides the best neo natal and pediatric facilities is Noble Hospital. First of its kind in the eastern part of Pune it serves the community with great dedication. It is 250 bed hospital which serves the community through organizing free health checkup camps for rickshaw drivers and municipal school teachers and also provides care and isolated wards for H1N1/Swine Flu cases.

The hospital has a full fledged Neo Natal Intensive Care Unity (NICU) with well designed 15 bed units. It is equipped with modern incubators, monitoring devices, warmer units, CPAP machines and ventilators. With panel of expert neonatologists, pediatricians and well trained nursing staff, the hospital provides intensive care to the extremely premature born children with very low birth weight and babies with critical illnesses. The hospital provides transportation for the critically ill newborns who are delivered in other maternity homes in and around Pune.

Along with the NICU the hospital also provides day care services for common illness, vaccination and immunization. The Pediatric ICU is equipped with hi-tech ventilators and monitoring devices to handle all types of emergencies. The Specialty Clinic of the hospital deals with the High-Risk New born babies and also has a Well Baby Clinic and Child Guidance Clinic.

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With interest in the field of medical sciences, especially in pediatric and neo natal care, I am writing about the facilities available at Noble Hospital Pune.