Hair fall can be a difficult thing to treat. It can also lead to loss of self esteem. Many people experience thinning hair for a variety of factors. Aging and genetics are considered the primary causes for hair loss, but other factors such as improper diet and lifestyles may also cause this issue.

As the first step toward treatment it is important to determine if there are underlying diseases that can be causing hair loss and treat those first. If the cause cannot be determined or hair loss is due to genetic factors, then you need to find ways to deal with those.
Follicle grafting has been at the forefront of hair thinning treatment. It offers natural looking results, and offers many other benefits too. With Neograft, follicle extraction becomes easier and more precise.

This is because neograft hair restoration Westminster automates the process of follicle extraction. Once follicles are extracted, they are transplanted to the areas where hair loss is occurring on the scalp.

Thanks to the high level of precision, complete follicles can be extracted using this technique. This reduces the chance of damage to follicles and thus boosts the outcomes of the grafting process. Patients looking for convenient grafting that offers natural looking results can rely on neograft hair transplant westminster for the best results.

Some of the benefits of Neograft are worth mentioning:

Natural looks

If you find wigs and other methods for hair loss concealment awkward, Neograft will allow you to use your own hair. Since your own hair follicles are transplanted to the scalp, the results are more natural looking. You can style your hair in short or long styles as your heart desires. The Neograft hair transplant technique is suitable for both men and women.

No pain

If you are wary of cosmetic surgery because of the pain and discomfort involved, Neograft will take your fears away. This technique is relatively painless and you feel next to no discomfort. Neograft does not involve invasive surgery, and there are no incisions and scars to worry about.

Little downtime

You will not be expected to take too much time off work if you rely on Neograft. Thanks to its no-scalpel, no-incision technique, the procedure can be performed really quickly. Automation enhances accuracy and the speed of follicle extraction. Also, the recovery is fast.

Long lasting

The results are long lasting because neograft hair restoration Westminster relies on transplanting the patient’s hair follicles to those areas of the scalp where hair loss occurs. This makes the process more lasting, and the results last for a long time. Also, your hair continues through a normal growth cycle, which enhances the natural looks of your tresses.

When you are looking for the right plastic surgeon, experience in using this technology matters. One of the major aspects is the skill with which follicles are grafted to the scalp. The surgeon will choose areas on the scalp where the hair follicles can be placed for the best outcomes. They will consider things such as direction of growth, size of follicles, and certain other factors too.

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The right placement of follicles requires knowledge and experience, and the best plastic surgeon should be able to offer the best service in this regard.