Neonatal Surgery
A newborn baby during his first 28 days of life is also called a neonate. The neonatal period is the time when changes within the baby’s body are very rapid. Several important changes would occur within this period, such as the feeding habits are formed, infection risks are very high for the baby and you may detect and first note any congenital or birth defects.

Which babies require neonatal surgery?
Neonatal care becomes particularly important for babies born premature, born with low birth weight or critically sick. Such newborns might struggle from different health issues and not every condition require a surgery. The neonatal surgery would be required to treat certain defects or abnormalities soon after birth, such as neonatal intestinal obstruction. Also newborns may require surgery for various urological problems like posterior Urethral valve, Pelviureteric junction obstruction etc. Various chest conditions like diaphragmatic hernia, lobar emphysema, cystic lung diseases may require urgent surgical interventions. Consulting the best pediatric surgeon in Delhi takes away all your fears as new parents with the newborn as Neonatal Surgery in Delhi provides highly specialized care for you baby.

Symptoms that you should not ignore
If your newborn always vomits milk immediately after he is fed, you see greenish liquid when he vomits, he does not pass stool or passes scanty black stool and if he looks lethargic, or you notice sausage shaped lumps moving in the abdomen, or distended abdomen do not postpone visiting the best pediatric surgeon in Delhi to do few testing and address the issue promptly. Almost all of these conditions can be completely cured by the experienced best pediatric surgeon in Delhi, with the best childcare.

Why you should choose a Neonatal Surgery in Delhi?
Neonatal Surgery in Delhi is led by an experienced team with minimal morbidity to your newborn baby. An experienced team comprises of the best pediatric surgeon in Delhi, neonatologist, an experienced and careful anesthesiologist and a properly trained excellent team of nursing staff. State-of-the-art facilities at the hospitals where neonatal surgeries are carried out in Delhi are exceptional with international standards.

Various Newborn conditions requiring Surgery:
Tracheo-Esophageal Fistula
Intestinal atresia (Duodenal and Jejeno-Ileal)
Necrotising Enterocolitis
Anorectal Malformations
Hirschsprung’s Disease
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
Pyloric Stenosis
Posterior Urethral Valve
Congenital Lobar emphysema
Lung and mediastinal cysts
Taking care of the baby during a Neonatal Surgery
Bringing the tiny little newborn for a surgery is not easy to accept. You would have so many questions in mind! Would my baby bear up all those pain? Would the doctors give the best care for my baby? How do I take care of the newborn? Does he need this surgery at this point of time? Deciding to undergo the Neonatal Surgery in Delhi would be the best answer for all your questions. The best pediatric surgeon in Delhi is the best person to handle your distressed situation and the innocent newborn. Complete and speedy recovery of your baby is assured in the best hands of the expert.

Neonatal Surgery in Delhi is accompanied with a family-centered care that ensures the parents are always connected with their babies during the whole stay at the hospital. Remember, neonatal surgery for your baby is not an option, but an absolute requirement for his healthy growth and happy future. Make your appointment with the best pediatric surgeon in Delhi without any hesitance and you would never regret your decision when seeing the smiles of your baby after recovery.

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