As we age, our bodies take more wear and tear. Sometimes natural wear and tear can lead to various nervous system problems. In other cases, conditions are more likely in elderly patients than they are in younger ones. We're going to cover four main conditions of the nervous system that you should be watching out for as you age.


Delirium is a problem with the nervous system that causes serious mental disturbances. Its characterized by confused thinking and a decreased awareness of the environment around you. Sometimes, delirium may be mistaken for another common nervous system problem called dementia. There are many factors that contribute to delirium, including chronic illness, medication, infection, changes in metabolic balance, and surgery. People who are in their golden years are more susceptible to delirium than others.

POTS Syndrome

POTS syndrome, known medically as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, is a medical condition that affects blood flow throughout the body. Many patients will experience fainting, a rapid increase in heartbeat, and lightheadedness. These conditions come on quickly when a person stands up from a reclining position and can be alleviated by laying back down. Those who suffer from this condition have a problem with their nervous system being able to properly regulate their heart rate response and blood vessel squeezing. If you've experienced any other symptoms that we went over above, it's best to seek the help of a POTS syndrome doctor.


Dementia is characterized by a loss of cognitive functioning. This includes the main areas of logical reasoning, remembering, and thinking properly. Alongside cognitive functioning changes, these individuals will experience a decrease in their behavioral abilities that will hinder their ability to get through their normal daily life and activities. While not all causes of dementia are reversible, doctors can prescribe medications and therapy that can help patients properly manage their condition.

Alzheimer Disease

Another nervous system condition is Alzheimer's disease. This is a progressive disease that destroys mental functions and a person's memory. This is caused by a degeneration of actual brain cells. Once the cells are destroyed, the memories are destroyed as well. Currently, there is no cure for this condition. However, doctors can prescribe management strategies and medications that can help temporarily improve symptoms in the early stages of this condition.

As you age, there are many different things that are going to happen to your body. It's important to realize that aging puts you at a higher risk for developing certain nervous system conditions. The above are just four of some of the most common conditions the elderly face.

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