If you are a lover of all the new and the latest movies, then you would have definitely heard about Netflix as well as Amazon Prime video. Both these services are up and running online, giving you entertainment in movies, TV shows, and other videos and other premium shows which you can’t find elsewhere.

The best thing about watching movies online is that you can just go ahead and watch them without any issues and without having to wait till they get downloaded. In this case, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the best services which you can find on the internet.
Now, the main thing about Netflix and Amazon prime video is that you just have to choose one such service which won’t let you down and you can easily find any of your favorite movies without any issues. So, let us give you the Netflix V/s Amazon Prime Video features which give you the features and comparison.

Netflix V/s Amazon Prime Video: Pricing

Both, Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video are almost equal when it comes to the pricing. You can easily purchase plans from any the services, be it Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. The thing about Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is that even though both might offer kind of same pricing, still you would have to choose one among them as per the features you want or get.

Netflix V/s Amazon Prime Video: Features

Now comes the main part which includes choosing such a service which gives you the best. If you want to go for all the movies and shows, both are the best. But if you want exclusive services and videos, then Amazon Prime Video is the best option for you. If you want the prime and original TV shows and movies from Netflix is the best. You can choose accordingly.

Netflix V/S Amazon Prime Video: More features

Both these services are equally awesome and that you are going to love them for sure. You can easily find your favorite quality of movies and TV shows here and along with that, you can even watch these shows in top quality, right from any quality to HD+. These sites offer HD movies and TV shows and other videos shows or premium content too, so there is no denying in the fact that these are top quality.

Netflix V/S Amazon Prime Video: Movie availability

In Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video, you get to enjoy all your favorite show. When it comes to updating movies, Netflix is faster than Amazon Prime Video and you can easily watch any of the shows or movies right after they are released. Go ahead and try for yourself as you definitely are going to enjoy both these services amazingly.

Netflix V/S Amazon Prime Video: Devices Supported

You might want to watch your favorite movies or TV shows easily and when it comes to watching movies easily, you can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video freely and on your Windows PC, your Mac or even your Android or ios devices easily. Go ahead and try it.

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