How many times are we sold, "All you have to do is get three, then they get three, then THEY get three, and soon you'll be a millionaire!" It's such hype and it is perpetuating an ongoing myth of duplication!

Here is the fact: People are not duplicable. Only SYSTEMS are duplicable.

Why is it that 98% of Network Marketers fail, and only 2% ever achieve massive success. A majority will never be like the top income earners in your company. It is just the simple truth! They will never be like them, talk to as many people, be as vibrant, nor make as much money.

This is probably why you're seeking Network Marketing help in the first place! Well I will tell you this, to succeed long term, you will have to have systems in place so people can duplicate within that system to see the EXACT same results.

You have to have an easy system to share your product, service, and opportunity.

You have to have an easy system people can follow on a daily basis to organize their prospecting and marketing.

And you have to have a simple marketing funnel that will bring people through the process at the highest conversions possible, creating new reps and business partners within your team.

Make sure that everyone in your team uses the systems and tools in front of them to see the maximum results. These systems must be in place to maximize the newbie rep's warm market as well as prospect into the cold market, like through the Internet.

When you can develop, share, and mentor your team to duplicate within these systems; you have arrived and are quickly becoming one of the new economy's 21st century network marketers.

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