To create more sales for your product and services, network marketers such as Alan Kippax 2010 and Homerun International or HRI suggested different models. One of which is the three U’s – Use, User, and Usage. The more “use” there is in your products, the higher the chance it will be sold. For example, a Swiss knife has many uses. The more users you have for your products or services, on the other hand, the higher the sales you can generate. Lastly, the more usage, meaning the more they use your product or services, the more products or services you can sell to the same persons.

Allan Kippax 2010 - The Use…

Any product has its own use. Even a simple rock, combined with cement can build houses. A product is more salable when it has many uses. A whitening soap can be sold but a whitening soap with moisturizer will be much preferred.

Allan Kippax 2010 - The User…

The users are the people who patronize your products or services. Without them, to whom are your products or services for? People are unique in their own ways. They have different sets of perceptions, needs, wants, values, drives, and ambition in life. The products or services you are selling could mean different among different people point of view. It is important for a marketer to identify and group people according to their needs and certain characteristics so you can develop products or services that respond to them.

Creating leads the Alan Kippax 2010 way…

Since leads are people who are your potential customers, it is very important to find them and build the relationship with them. Some of the ways to do this are by…

1. Build your own website.

You can hire someone to do this for you. On your website, you can state the vision, mission, goals, and objective of your company. You can describe your products lines or services and what it can do to the lives of your target market. People usually search websites on Google so knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an advantage. You do not want your website to be on the bottom list when someone searches on the web.

2. Use different Social Media Platforms.

Social Media is everywhere. We use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to get updates from our friends and celebrities we idolize. From the celebrities we follow, we get updates as to their dates of concerts or whether they have upcoming albums or singles to be released soon. As for businesses, it can be used to update Social Media Users on new products and services and other promotions.

3. Create your E-mail Listing.
You can do this by having your website visitor to sign up for your listing. You can offer a free brochure or e-coupons to your customers so they can get discounts on your products or services.

4. Create Forums.

This can be done by making blogs where people who have interests in products or services express their views and opinions. Some people might go there problematic on a certain aspect of their lives; your products or services can be the solution for them.

5. Employ a referral system.

The “word of mouth” is the good feedback that we could get from our customers. It creates more use for our regular customers and it attracts more potential customers. You can offer discounts or freebies or even cash incentives to these people who are expressing “word of mouth” about your product and services that can bring their friends for a seminar that explains and markets your products or services.

Allan Kippax 2010 - The Usage…

The frequency of how much a product or services are used generates more sales.
Picking coffee as a product example, it is usually being taken in the morning but some people may drink coffee not only in the morning.
When building a good network marketing lead, you should consider using the three U’s model to create sales, focusing especially on the “users.”

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