If you're considering starting or are currently trying to build a network marketing business while working a full time job, you will find that you're faced with several obstacles to network marketing success.

Perhaps the biggest challenge you face if you're working a full time job - including raising small children like I am - is that your time is obviously going to be limited. You'll have to be very efficient with you time in order to achieve any level of network marketing success. That means you won't be in a position to waste a lot of time performing routine tasks. It's crucial that you spend your very limited time on work that will produce the greatest results. These tasks should be things that directly contribute to your making money in your business.

Network Marketing Success in 2 Hours a Day

What do you do if you only have 2 hours a day to work on your business? How do you get any traction going with so little time to put into it? What about all those routine tasks? Just because they're mundane doesn't mean they don't have to be done. After all, it's all the little tasks rolled together that result in network marketing success.

It takes a lot of hard work building a network marketing business, so you have to work hard to make it happen, right? WRONG.

Stick with me here for a minute and you'll see where I'm going with this. It's very true that it takes hard work to create network marketing success. The mistake is in thinking that you have to do the hard work yourself. The truth is, that the hard work doesn't have to be done by YOU. It just has to be done.

This is one of those mindset shifting concepts that if you can get it, will revolutionize the way you run your business. Stop putting the pressure on yourself to do all of the hard work and instead focus on finding quality people to perform these tasks for you.

Does hard work pay off? Yes, but so does the hard work of other people.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that your network marketing success is solely dependent on the hard work of one person: you.

The idea behind this principle is called outsourcing.

Network Marketing Success Through Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an extremely common practicing in our everyday lives. Anytime you pay someone else to do something you can't or don't want to do, you're outsourcing. For example, if you have someone clean your house, mow your lawn or do your taxes, you're outsourcing that activity to someone else. You should think about your business the same way.

How do you decide which tasks to outsource?

There are many ways to decide which tasks make the most sense to outsource, but the most sensible one is also very simple. Just ask yourself this question:

"What is my time worth?"

Whenever you're trying to decide if you should perform a task yourself ask yourself this question and you will very quickly be able to figure out if this specific task is worth your time or not. The answer is completely up to you, but if you're limited to 2 hours a day to create network marketing success, you'll want to outsource most of the daily tasks in your business so you can focus on connecting directly and personally with people one-on-one.

Tasks you might want to consider outsourcing include: article writing, video editing, SEO, design, blogging, lead screening & qualifying and traffic generation just to name a few. The choice is ultimately yours, after all it's your business.

Author's Bio: 

Mary and Dean R Black are network marketers living in Atlanta Georgia. After years of struggle we finally found the solution that will take you to the top in your business. For more information on network marketing training and tips please visit our website at MLM Success