After two long years, it hit my like a brick. Maybe I’m a slow learner or maybe I just lost my objectivity once I signed on to become a network marketer.

As you’re probably aware, network marketing (formerly well-known as MLM) got its start way back in the 1950s. It’s hard to believe it’s been around that long. It’s even harder to believe one of the original companies in this industry, Shaklee, is still around-some 50+ years later.

But it’s Amway that most people associate with the term MLM. They put this business model on the map and at the same time left a bad taste in some people’s mouths. Whichever way you feel about Amway and the “tactics” some distributors used, one thing is for certain, they had really good network marketing training for their distributors.

This is a rarity nowadays because most network marketing companies don’t offer any kind of training. In fact, many companies promote no special skills or training is needed for success. Most business people know that marketing know-how along with other business concepts are needed in order to be successful; but the problem is that most people who come into network marketing aren’t business people.

They are average people who want to get out of the normal 9-5 rat race they call a job. These average people also consist of moms who have not set foot in the workplace in years if at all. To expect the average person to be sophisticated enough to run a business successfully from home without any skills or training is an unrealistic expectation-wouldn’t you agree?

Now, here’s the flip side. If you think it’s the responsibility of the network marketing company to give you all the training you’ll ever need, think again. After all, they are providing you with the opportunity. But again it is irresponsible of these very same companies to promote that no skills or training is needed in order to become successful.

If you knew it would take training and learning key business concepts to have prosperity in network marketing, I’m sure you would’ve given it a second thought. You see the average person going into this particular business model doesn’t have the wherewithal to know exactly what it takes to achieve success.

Some people try to put network marketing in a special little category-a category where it takes no business skills to run a home business. Rubbish. A business is a business. It doesn’t matter if it’s run from an office, storefront or a home. By the time most network marketers realize this, they’re usually on their 6th or 7th company and more dead broke than when they first started out.

If you don’t have the right training and skills, you end up getting frustrated and either quit the industry all together or do what most people do-join another program and then another and then another. If this is you, welcome to the club, because you’re not alone.

Most people get caught in that vicious cycle. They are doomed to repeat it over and over, unless they seek out training. Although there are a few other companies besides Amway that offer training, you should know that if your company doesn’t, you should consider getting training elsewhere to help put the odds of success in your favor.

It shouldn’t be a requirement that network marketing companies offer training, but it would be nice if they did; it would be even nicer if they stop advertising and promoting that no skill set or training are needed to have success in a home business. This is the real disservice they do to the industry. Network marketing training and marketing skills are necessary for success in your business-that is if you want to stop failing.

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