Over the last four years in the MLM industry, I’ve had many ask the question what network marketing tools i use to market my business. The most asked questions generally refer to what automators or bots I’m using to deliver my marketing to my target audience.

Rather than rattling off a big list of software products I usually answer with a question asking what systems the person has in place. You see while there are a host of very powerful network marketing tools available online, using them will do very little to improve your recruiting and product sales if you do not have the correct marketing systems in place to maximise their potential.

The goal of this article then is to offeryou the correct network marketing tools information so you can position yourself for success, no matter what mlm business you are in.

Is This You?

Your new to network marketing and your doing everything your upline is telling you but your not recruiting anybody even though your marketing like crazy. The company has given you everything you need to succeed, a capture page, sales pages, autoresponders and a host of marketing materials. In the majority cases they are probably also providing you with webinar training on how and where to market the opportunity. In fact you’re probably reading this article searching for the best new network marketing tools to supercharge your business. But I will say again automation tools and generic marketing will not deliver the success you are seeking.

The point is, not only are there 1000’s of other marketers out there all trying to sell the same products using the same strategies, it simply does not convert enough to make the effort worthwhile. 95% of people who view your opportunity will say no. Now ask yourself how many people you have sponsored into your opportunity in the last 90 days. The sad truth is that over 90% of network marketers make less than $100 a month for their efforts and its a proven fact that 97% of all people who attempt network marketing will fail. Its not all bad news however, you can be really successful with the right tools and system
So What Network Marketing Tools Are Essential For Success?

To enjoy real success in any MLM you have to create huge traffic and monetise the 95% of people who are not interested in your business. Doing this creates the cash flow to keep your business growing. This is the tool kit that I use to personally generate over 50 MLM leads a day and sign up at least 4 people into my primary MLM business every week. In fact its the same tool kit that is used by every 6 and 7 figure a month MLm earner I know.

MLM Tool 1: A Personally Branded, Attraction Marketing based web page, not your generic mlm company sales page. This is essential to your MLM success. People follow people not companies They team up with mlm experts who can provide them with the knowledge and skills to achieve success Your web page should therefore not try to sell, but rather offer great value to your team and teach and train them in online marketing skills. This web page must also capture visitors and lead them right down a path to where they will see your MLM opportunity.

MLM Tool 2: Your Own Auto Responder System. Please take note that even if your MLM opportunity provides you with an auto responder, you do not own it; therefore if you leave the company you also leave your list.Also some MLM companies place restrictions on use. It is crucial to your success that own your list and provide them with excellent value. The money is in the list and by using your own auto responder to automatically build rapport and trust with your prospects you can monetise them several times over.

MLM Tool 3: The Funded Proposal Or Affiliate Products. You need to make money while building your business, I have 20 different affiliate products that I make money from Through your information and training you can introduce your list to useful tools and services you use and earn commissions. This puts immediate cash in your account while you increase your MLM business. The goal is to notspend your own money to fund your marketing because that’s the fastest way to go broke.

Advanced Network Marketing Tools. There are a host of remarkable tools i personally use to automate my marketing efforts and leverage time, but you need a system first . If your keen to learn what I use,keep an eye out for my next article, Network Marketing Tools – Advanced Tools To Automate Your Marketing.

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