Have your ever assessed your net worth? Net worth is an accumulation of bank accounts,stocks,securities including your possessions. What I am about to teach you in this article may suprise you. Get a notebook and pen.

A person's net worth is it absolutely worthless with out a network! There are only two investments that are 100 percent guaranteed! Every other kind of investment hinges on these two. They are time and relationships! We will call these the core investment groups or C.I.G. In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of each and how we can benefit fully from them.

Time. What is it? It is 24 hours. I want you to look at the clock in your home or office. Preferably one with a second hand. Notice how it keeps the same time each moment. The pro about time is that it is steady and predictable. It's con is that we view it in terms of emotion. People judge the passing of time based upon how they feel moment to moment. Example: My goal is to exercise one hour every morning. But when morning arrives my negative internal monologue is triggered. "I will start tomorrow." I am so tired. I don't feel like it and besides, there is no time." Your negative internal monologue or N.I.M. plays the role of thief in life. It is filled with doubts and excuses and needs monitoring each day.

In your notebook make two columns. Write your name at the top. The left column will be called Time and relations. In the right column write, other investments.
What is your main investment? Exercise? A business venture? Education? Write that goal in the left column. In the other investments column write down everything that you are presently doing that does not relate to your goal.


College education / children. OR working on my old 49'chevy

My home business idea. OR Watching my TV show

To have a rich networth,we must monitor how we spend our time. Take time in this evaluation and be honest with yourself. Re-investing may be in order.

The second of the two core groups or C.I.G's is relationships. This investment works hand in hand with time. Here are some examples.


Calling my contacts for OR sleeping in.
business start up.

Time with my spouse. OR fishing.

These may make you laugh but take your relationships seriously. Learn to focus on the most important ones, they are your network! The pros of relationships are the good ones. The cons are the ones that need improvement. Take the time to build your business,your marriage or friendships. Remember that when time runs out relationships will fade or die away. So invest in the core groups. Build on your portfolio each day. You will see growth in yourself and the world around you!

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