Neuherbs commitment is to improve the quality of life. To fulfill your body’s Omega 3 needs, Neuherbs has brought to you Deep-Sea Fish Oil 2500mg, formulated with innovation to address modern lifestyle health issues and to target desired results.

Why go for Omega -3 Supplements?

Omega-3 are good fats and are extremely crucial for our health, as our body cannot produce them on its own. They play an important role in the maintenance of vital organs like brain, heart and contribute to the normal functioning of blood vessels.

Thus, the body needs to get its Omega -3 from the food we eat, but as our diet lacks a good amount of fish, nuts and green leafy vegetables so it becomes important to improvise it with Omega-3 supplement.

Deep Sea Fish Oil Benefits - 

  • May Support Heart Health
  • May Support Eye Health
  • May Support Brain Health
  • May Support Bones Health
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