Neutralizing negative energy surrounding negative situations is a business success strategy that helps to reduce the day-to-day stress of running a business. Many times we get stuck in a rut or uncomfortable situation, because we are tangled in negative energy…or we get triggered by an event that produces negative energy inside us. If you don’t take steps to shift that energy, you won’t be able to move out of that situation and into a better one. It’s all about vibrational output or how your thinking is affecting your situation.

In order to begin creating deliberately, you need to be in control of your vibrational output. As we know from the Law of Attraction, what you are thinking creates a vibration that goes out into your environment and you attract whatever matches that vibrational output. So for instance, if you want to attract prosperity but spend the majority of your day thinking about your bills, you will attract more bills (not more money), because you are vibrating on the level of paying bills.

Imagine if you had a simple tool that transformed your vibration so that you could determine what you want to attract. Like more income instead of more bills! This is what I do in spiritual life coaching. I teach my clients how to utilize simple Law of Attraction techniques and tools that have a proven track record for shifting negative energy and emotions into positive ones.

For example, one of my clients was on a committee that had a member who was constantly upsetting my client. She was in a continual state of disharmony because of the clash of wills that happened at every meeting. Her negative energy affected her all day long.

When I showed her how to neutralize that negativity with a few simple tools designed for that purpose, she was able to shift her negative feelings about the person and the situation whenever she felt triggered. In only two days she called me back to say that everything had changed and the person was no longer upsetting her.

That was because these energy management tools that are taught in my spiritual life coaching programs, help redirect negative energy into a more positive direction. It’s like straightening out a phone cord that has gotten all tangled up. The result is more clarity, more openness to possible solutions, and more peace of mind.

These energy management tools help you consciously articulate where your energy is and then guide your energy where you want it to go. This is important because your energy is what is running the “ship” and if it is in good working order, everything will fall into place much easier. Once you are in control of your energy, you can control your vibrational output. And then you will find that you are also managing your time better. This is energy management.

When you face a stressful work situation, you know how to center yourself and dissipate any negative energy around it and then you are more open to a solution and clearer on the next course of action. This results in a more tranquil and relaxed work environment, more clarity, and more synchrony.

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Jeannette Koczela coaches solopreneurs who want to get more clients, grow their business, and make more money. Let her help you create a thriving business and prosperous money mindset using the universal law of attraction. Receive her Empowered Spirit Coaching Success Kit including her report "3 Secrets to Attract Your Ideal Clients" and a free coaching session audio .