The real-life benefits of Creative Visualization are immense. Simply put: Intensely "see" your target desire through the eyes of your mind, as situations or events already happening now, until they become a part of you.

This positively affects the fluctuations in your brain waves and, in turn, actually affects the world around you, causing you to experience the goal manifestation with your daily life. While seeming incredible to those whose minds have been strongly conditioned to the contrary, the well-documented effects of Creative Visualization techniques are perfectly real.


When reading of the bewildering results of Creative Visualization, many might say: "This is great, I must learn how to perfectly visualize this way! "
But learning to perfectly visualize is not necessary. Everyone already knows how, because everyone already visualizes, and as you do so repeatedly, you also build mental images that have a huge impact on everyday life and its development.

### When you think important thoughts,
### When you let your mind wander,
### When you daydream,
### When you dwell on the positive or negative aspects of your current or past activity,
### When you anticipate mentally the results of any act or word that you utter or that others will. . . . .
. . . . . . . . you are using creative visualization techniques.


It is as simple as that. However, it is also THE PROBLEM! How? Any thought, or any visioning, maintained with sufficient mental power, is materialized automatically. This occurs in one form or another, in the daily life-scape of the person that created that visualization.

Whether you realize it or not, whether you believe it or not, this application is systematic. It is one of the laws of the universe. It is even THE MAIN LAW of the universe!
It is called the Law of Attraction and is implemented by the magnetic ability of your mind, which operates whenever you have a definite consistent thought, with its corresponding mental imagery.


But then you might say, "Why haven't I won the lottery, when I've thought about it so often?"
The answer is also very simple. Because the intention that accompanied this vision was more inclined towards failure than to the actual realization of this goal. It bridged your credibility gap. In your heart of hearts you didn't actually believe you had any chance of winning lotto. You couldn't properly reconcile the enormous life-altering repercussions of owning $20M. You secretly despise the fabulously wealthy. See how this goes? To program yourself for success using creative visualization, it is recommended that it be accompanied firstly by wholesome, appropriate and solid intention.
So what ARE the steps to successful Creative Visualization?


|| STEP 1 ||

The first step to a successful creative visualization is deep and total relaxation. A truly comprehensive relaxation, which relaxes all the muscles of your body, preferably seated upright in a padded easy chair, is recommended.

Thus, freed of bodily tension, your mind can concentrate entirely on the attainment of clear, precise images, accompanied by corresponding positive emotions. For this, a fifteen-minute session three times a day is ideal.

|| STEP 2 ||

The second step is to pick a challenging desire, but still within your 'Sphere of Influence'. Then find a 3D physical representation of your target, that you can hold in your hand. A toy car, a doll's house, an old diploma, monopoly money, and so on. For the next 4 days clearly 'imaginate' this object entering and filling out your body via your 5 senses. Make it feel real. Your body should buzz. Your desire has now BECOME you!

|| STEP 3 ||

The third step simply requires you to wait in a positive state of mind, for the manifestation of your mental movie. Act "as if" you've duly placed an order with a large trustworthy internet company like Amazon, and you're just waiting for delivery. Don't preconceive how your delivery will eventuate. Wait in a positive state of mind contemplating and already feeling the excitement of enjoying what's in your package.


If this is done right, the essence of your manifestation will materialize within 72 hours, either in fact or as a launch. But, it is very important, you employ DETAILED, INTENSIVE and CONSISTENT visualization. Do not miss even a day in STEP 2. otherwise, start this entire step again. Remember that the trigger is Bright, Serious, Powerful Creative Visualization. Commit your 3D object to memory. Visualizing less than absolutely crystal clear, blazingly bright, larger than life images will not prevent this system from working, but aspire to this anyway.

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