Taking Phentermine without prescription is not safe as this is a serious drug and it can create troubles for you. This medicine has serious side effects that you can’t control without taking help from a doctor. For instance this drug causes insomnia and anxiety. If you are unable to sleep and you are feeling excited about everything then it can trigger a series of changes in your body leading to heart attack or brain failure. No one would suggest you taking this powerful anti obesity medicine without taking permission of your doctor. If you really need this drug then you doctor shouldn’t have any problem in prescribing this medicine to you.

Obesity can be controlled with diet and exercise but people want to check their weight with diet pills. They feel it difficult to diet and exercise because they are habitual of taking lots of food and working by sitting at a place. Diet pill help them reduce weight even when they are taking their normal diet and doing nothing in terms of exercise. They first Phentermine with the permission of their doctors and they try buying Phentermine without prescription when their doctors advise them to stop taking the diet pills.

It is learnt that people who are slightly obese also try getting Phentermine without prescription because they know their doctors won’t prescribe them this medicine. People should understand that this is a prescription medicine and selling this drug without asking a prescription from the buyer is illegal. No authorized chemist would dare to sell this drug to anyone who doesn’t have a doctor’s prescription for this medicine. If someone offers this powerful anti-obesity pill without a prescription then understand that the person would sell you counterfeit medicine at high price. There is a big market for fake drugs and some pharmacists are selling fake drugs to make quick money.

First you won’t get Phentermine without prescription and if you somehow manage to get this drug without prescription then soon you would need to see a doctor because it has severe side effects that you would find unable to control. If you are already taking some medicines then this diet pill may conflict with other drugs and create complications for you. There are instances when obese people have to get admitted to hospitals for immediate medical attention due to taking diet pills without consulting their doctors. Phentermine works well only when taken under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

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