Achieving the Highest Career Heights

"Career Development is a continuous process. At every stage of your career, you need a bit of extra push to go further," says Hammad Siddiqui in his latest book Bootstrapping Your Career.

Here is how to take your career higher.

Are you getting the most out of your life?

Get more out of your job, business and life by bootstrapping your career. Developing all you have got to the max and navigating social media for business growth, personal and professional success, enlightenment and satisfaction lie at the heart of Bootstrapping Your Career.

What do you do?

We say: “What do you do?” when asking about your livelihood. “Your livelihood” is an all-encompassing phrase for your occupation, job, career, business and how you generate income. What you do is the action in your life and Bootstrapping Your Career highlights how to rev up your actions for success.

Can you live without money?

No one in today’s world will say you can live without money, which comes through sources of income, either directly to us or through a breadwinner in our family. As we need money, doesn’t it make sense to maximize what you do?

What are you building?

We are in the process of building all the time, and if you don’t maximize opportunities around you the building of your life will never adequately reflect your true abilities and worth. The tallest buildings are built with vision, confidence and panache plus solid hard work. Your life and your livelihood are no different.

Are you underselling yourself?

A key document is your resume, also known as the CV. In most cases this is the only thing that gets you an interview. Bootstrapping Your Career shows how to turn your resume into a professional, high-quality marketing tool which effectively reflects your experience and skills, and wins you an interview. Anything less is selling yourself short.

Are you using social media to the max?

Bootstrapping Your Career delves into all aspects of professional growth including how to take advantage of and really benefit from social media.

Social media is a powerful medium in the quest to be the best we can be, enhancing reputation, extending networking reach and generating job and business leads. Smart usage will give you a winning edge.

Hammad Siddiqui
Deputy Country Director of the Center of International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and expert in social media strategies, Hammad Siddiqui passionately disseminates exclusive insights on entrepreneurship, management, social media, careers and related topics. Hammad’s combined wealth of management experience as head of Trade and Investment at the Deputy British High Commission and now CIPE puts him in a unique vantage point to support organizational vision, mission and objectives. For more:

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