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July 2nd, 2012
The whole idea of a blog seems to have become just some guy or female ranting about something or another…to get their 15 minutes. Not me!

I shall continue to blog on the importance of staying the course with the dreams you have of singing, for this is my mission.

As long as there is breath inside of you and the deep longing to sing your life’s story into the ether, I am here to encourage that act and the courage it takes to keep that flame going long after those around you have decided that it’s just too late and that it’s time to grow up.

They say that we tend to TEACH that which we need to LEARN the most. I believe that’s true. In fact, I KNOW it! It is the reason I CAN NOT and WILL NOT let go of the passion that I’ve had for music since the age of 3.

The earliest performance of mine that I can recall was at about 5 or 6 years old, standing on a picnic table in a family friend’s back yard and singing a “La Vie En Rose”…
And feeling the praise and love from all those around me, I wanted that to go on forever.

There was never a thought in my head as a small child that I would ever wish to do anything else with my life…only to sing and keep on singing…cause that’s where the love was…at least where I felt it the strongest.

But there were moments in which I allowed my own lack of courage to go after my dreams for fear of possibly meeting with disapproval from my loved ones, and that kept me from my life’s dream. And although I made a life and a living from singing, and am still doing so, (Gads! It’s been over 50 years), raising my children and gaining respect and admiration form fellow musicians…

Well…In the words of Terry Malloy, the character in the movie, “On The Waterfront”, played by probably one of the top 5 greatest actors of all time, Marlon Brando, “I coulda been a contender. I coulda BEEN somebody…”

Now don’t misunderstand me here! I am not by any stretch whining about the fact that I never DID get to sing at Radio City Music Hall, (Hey, it could still happen…). I tell you this because the ONLY real joy we get to experience in this life, is the joy that WE OURSELVES CREATE! The “yeah, but’s” that our loved ones shower upon us may be meant well, but only keeps us from our dreams.

I can’t help but think about Jimmy Roselli, an Italian singer from Hoboken, NJ, who died a year ago at age 85, and whose voice was touted as being brilliantly tender and exquisite, but whose misguided choices made him a target of the NYC mobs in 50’s, and who during some hard times, had to sell his records out of the back end of his truck because he wouldn’t play “nice” with the wiseguys. He was black-listed in New York from all the clubs and even the radio stations, and threatened to be “disappeared” more than once. But call it defiance, arrogance or just total confidence in his own talent, Jimmy Roselli was ultimately able to bring the Mafia to its knees. They never did make good on any of their threats, and when Jimmy demanded 65K for a concert appearance, he always got it right up into his late 70’s, in London, Rome, Naples, and yes, even New York City!

Maybe he’s not the best example to follow…after all, the world has changed since Jimmy Roselli went up against the NYC syndicate, or even since I made MY “escape” from my own entanglements with the mob, (that’s another story…for a later time), but it still takes courage to follow your passion and not give up.

I can say this to you because I am in my 72nd year of life and I am still going strong, making music with world class musicians, doing workshops for those who want to learn the art of Performance, and singing my life into the ether!

What about you?? You gonna rock in that chair ’til the angels come for you…or ROCK OUT on a stage, doing what you love to do??

Chrys Page


Author's Bio: 

Born of Greek immigrants, in New York City, Chrys Page started singing at the age of three, performing at family functions and entertaining the retired Ziegfield Follies ladies who resided in a Convalescent Home across the street from the high rise apartment building in which she was raised.
 She graduated with honors from the High School of Music and
Art in New York City, a special school for the gifted musical artists. Based on her musical abilities, Chrys was awarded a fullscholarship to continue her musical education.
 She got her Bachelor of Music Degree from Ithaca College in
upstate New York, and later, a Masters of Music from the
University of Illinois in Champaign Urbana.
 Chrys has had a 40 year career as a performer, author, and
voice coach.
 In 1980 she settled in Southern California to raise her children.
She spent 29 years in Los Angeles entertaining and teaching
vocal techniques to singers of all ages. Chrys currently continues to entertain audiences AND her new crop of students in Albuquerque, NM.
 Chrys has written several best-selling books and articles on the voice and specifically on performance aspects.
Chrys is living proof that a singing voice can last a lifetime if used correctly!
o Other eBooks by Chrys Page
ƒ The Art of Stage Presence, ©2003
ƒ The Art of Musicianship, ©2001, ®2002, 2003,
2004, 2005
ƒ The Art of Promotion, ©2004, ®2005, 2006,
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ƒ The Ultimate Art of Performance – (A Guide book
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