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The feeling of Not getting Praised even after, doing all hard work, making efforts, and achieving the result is worst. Do you ever felt this way?

But, Never Stop doing your best.

If you are not self-employed and working for a company than I can tell this with surety that, This happened with you. Almost everyone at least once in their life felt like that. It is normal human behavior that, We want to get credit or appreciation for our hard work and achievements.

Most of the time either because of corporate politics or non-recognization of talent, all of us faced this issue of not getting those lovely words which, every good and hard-working employee want to listen i.e. Appraising words and getting praised from management.

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What should we do if not Praised for My Work?

praise yourself
We as human beings always want to get validated our work with some good praising words. And when we didn't get those good words, for what we had left all those comforts of daily life just to achieve and show our capability. We felt like all hard work and effort were wasted. At that moment two type of thoughts came into our mind:

  1. Why should I have done this when no one cares. I won't take any effort like this in this future.
  2.  I don't have any value here. I need to switch.

The above two thoughts are very natural for a common man who works honestly with all his heart.

But, do we really need to stop our good work.?

I don't think so, Never stop doing your best. If you continue to do your best without thinking of others and never stop doing your best. Believe me, sooner or later you will be recognized maybe by not your name but by your work. Everyone will talk about you and ask, "Who was that guy who completed so and so work last time."

We are always known for our work. And if you think to leave that good habit of you. It will be like losing all your cards by yourself. Never settle for low just because no one cares, no one has attention towards you or you didn't get praised.

Never stop doing your best because of the careless and credit-taker peoples. Your work will make noise and you will be recognized. Its passion and thinking that, "I will never stop doing my best", will make the change and your image. Just remember our action depends on our thought process, don't ever contaminate your good thoughts because of some no so good people.

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Refuel your Self-motivation

Never stop doing good work

Life is always what we think. And our action depends on our thought process. So, why should we lose ourselves because of some people who don't have a thoughtful and aware mindset? You need not think about others.

You need not think about other people's thinks. Either they care or not, you will have to stay like yourself. Never ever leave doing your best. As I said earlier it is your work and working style that makes you distinguishable from others. It is your identity and never lose that.

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After an exhausting working during what is most needed is Self-motivation. So, motivate yourself. This will refuel your mental energy level and give you a reason to always continue your good work. Few steps can help you with self-motivation:

1. Rewards Yourself:

Whenever you feel you have don't something exceptional in your career or your life. Just don't wait for someone else to validate your achievement. Rewards yourself, get some give for you. Enjoy the moments & Look in the mirror and say: "You are great, you have done a good job".

2. Enjoy those Little happy moments:

A party doesn't need to be thrown by your colleagues or friends on your achievement. You need to praise and party for yourself. This will really motivate your morals.

3. Praise yourself:

Who didn't like getting praised?
We all do our best to listen to those praising words. But somehow our work didn't get in the limelight. Then didn't get demotivated. Good words are always healthier for the mind. Give these praising words for yourself. this will help you to built confidence and keep alive your inner charm to do good things always.

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