Oftentimes, they can feel utterly overwhelming—those obstacles that come between you and and your big dream. By taking a better view and trying to understand precisely what they are, you could now learn how to maneuver through, above and around the usual obstacles we will discuss below. The Outer Obstacles-- you don’t need to look that far to find the most typical outer obstacles to your big dream. Usually, it’s those people very closest to you—your family, no less—who affect you the most and likewise would be most affected by those changes you will need to make in order to dare and pursue your big dream.

When you have healthy and solid relationships, then you have strong foundation of support while you are navigating your big dream. If they’re not, then relationships would become one of the toughest bumps you may encounter. There are several reasons that it is hard for your family to accept your new passage towards your big dream. 1. They feel worried and afraid for you. 2. They think it will take you away from them. 3. They have their own big dreams left unfulfilled. 4. They feel left out to an all-new important phase in your life. They know you since birth and they expect you to be always the same.

Try putting yourself in their shoes and understand about their feelings and opinions. Bear in mind that any negative feedback from them has everything to do with their own thoughts and has certainly nothing to do with the substance of your big dream. Fortunately, you don’t need anyone's seal of approval to reach your dream. The Inner Obstacles—the inner obstacles to your big dream are your feelings and thoughts which stall you from executing the actions you’ve already started. These are the most usual: 1. Unworthy—you don’t truly feel that you’re deserving to realize your big dream, so you subconsciously hinder each form of triumph that tries to come to you.

2. Fear—you’re afraid of failing so you don’t want to give it a shot. You’re also afraid of being different and of what others would think and say if you are. You allow fear to be an excuse of not trying. 3. Self-pity—you view yourself as a victim and use it as an excuse of giving up when you don’t see the results immediately. That negativity is self-limiting and would simply prevent you from moving on with your work. 4. Guilt—you feel guilty for being a success when others are not. You feel guilty for spending money, time and energy on yourself rather than giving it to other people.

Fortunately, you could begin to move forward to your big dream now. When you realize that these inner obstacles are hindering in your progress, you could find the courage in identifying and conquering them. So detach from what others think and say. Stay focused on your dreams and let your excitement carry you. Nobody would try to talk you out of it because they will hear (and believe) your confidence paired with conviction—and so will you.

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