Los Angeles, CA – October 18, 2011 – WarriorSpiritAudio.com (“WSA”) has released a self help audio that does far more than help people relieve stress and achieve deeply desired goals. Its ultimate purpose is to help people connect with their inner power and strengthen the faith in the power of themselves. Entitled ‘The Warrior Spirit—How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and More’ it helps people feel more optimistic and relaxed.

“The Warrior Spirit audio gives step-by-step help to achieve personal goals with greater ease using higher mind states and shamanic wisdom. If the mind is filled to capacity with non-stop mind chatter, you make it difficult to create the results you want in your life. Stress prevents you from having insights, creative ideas and confidence that can help you achieve your goals; it weakens your ability to solve issues that trigger anxiety and stress,” says Mary Rivas, founder of WSA.

The audio and companion e-book are ideal for today’s environment where people experience a lot of anxiety over stressful events such as losing their jobs and homes. Latest statistics indicate that 75% of people experience stress regularly; more than half say they find stress debilitating and want to relieve stress. Stress is a key contributor to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Stress symptoms, such as insomnia, headaches, hair loss, pre-mature aging (external and internal), tight muscles, digestive system troubles, can greatly be reduced or even eliminated using ancient wisdom relaxation practices. The long-term benefits of reducing stress include maintaining a healthy immune system, preventing diseases, such as diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disease as well as looking younger longer.

The Warrior Spirit is different from common self-help books; it empowers people at a deeper level. It teaches people how to connect with a higher force and increase their personal power to relieve stress and overcome challenges in daily life. The newly released audio not only teaches people practices to relieve stress but can also help people avoid meltdowns by empowering them with wisdom.

Visit WarriorSpiritAudio.com to watch a video that shares wisdom and reveals how people can tap into their mind powers to change their life for the better. The video, for example, provides four tips on how to empower affirmations using powerful words and certain times of the day. Visitors to the website can also sign up to receive a deep relaxation MP3 download to relieve stress and can listen to a sample chapter of The Warrior Spirit.

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WarriorSpiritAudio was created by Mary Rivas to help people use mind powers and ancient wisdom to make life transforming changes. Visit www.warriorspiritaudio.com and sign up to receive stress management techniques and tips. Mary is an author; she has a psychology degree and has learned from shamans for over ten years..