Author Lana J Thomas, M.S. Health Psychologist releases ‘On Purpose: Finding Yours’
BALTIC, S.D. — According to Lana J Thomas, M.S. Health Psychologist, searching for purpose is tantamount to existence, it is as innate as breathing, and yet only privately can one explore spirituality without reservation. Many have been innately seeking meaning and purpose in their lives and are not finding fulfillment.

Thomas’ book titled “On Purpose: Finding Yours” (published by Balboa Press) was written to share the significance of the loving healing energy available to everyone that seeks personal freedom and a spiritual truth that fits them perfectly. The author shows that the key to opening the doors to the cosmos is all in the power of the mind, imagination and thought. The book also shows how to engage with the higher self and beings that await there.

In addition, Thomas debunks the lie that only the elite or chosen people can talk with God, become enlightened and find extraordinary meaning and purpose, instead, it highlights how ordinary people can live extraordinary spiritual lives they may never thought possible.

“If you have wondered why you feel like a seeker that cannot find the way, this book will put your feet on your path, then explode your mind with the limitless possibilities of where that path could take you,” Thomas concludes.

“On Purpose: Finding Yours”
By Lana J Thomas, M.S. Health Psychologist
Softcover | 6x9 in | 160 pages | ISBN 9781982214012
E-Book | 160 pages | ISBN 9781982214029
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About the Author
Lana J Thomas, M.S. Health Psychologist has been a serious student of ethereal beings for nearly 40 years. A shaman, herbalist and having found her calling, she is now a full time author. Her thoughts carry her readers into the astounding vibrations of cosmic thought and insights into the future, one’s purpose and offers simple steps of spiritual practice anyone can replicate. She states that her down-to-earth approach to exploring the universes is real and honest. Her words are opening minds to what awaits all who seek enlightenment and personal truth. For more information about Thomas, interested parties may visit