Many entrepreneurs have spent various years hoping their network marketing and internet marketing business would take off and create that 5 and 6 figure income they want and deserve. Yet many other individuals avoid these 2 industries like the plaque. As our world becomes even more and more technological a brand new company has emerged with some brand new concepts and vehicles that everyone will want to know about. Imagine if you could have benefited from Facebook’s profits from the beginning. Here is a chance to benefit from the beginning with Rippln!

Read on and discover how a brand new company called Rippln has attracted over 1 million people in less than 3 months and is projected to be bigger than network marketing and internet marketing combined! Rippln is unique, promising and powerful

What exactly is Rippln? Rippln is a movement and a company whose vision is to create a Wealth Revolution and a wealth vehicle that will put wealth flowing into the hands of everyday people like you and me! Would you like to see the majority of the world’s wealth start to flow into the hands of the people who often are creating the wealth that is consumed by companies like Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush and various others social companies that we build but don’t benefit financially from. We spread the word, we get others engaged, we use the apps and play the games while other individuals and specific corporations make all the money.

The movement Rippln is about reversing all that and making sure much more wealth flows into the hands and bank accounts of those who are doing the engaging, the referring and the spreading of the word.

Rippln is Not a Network Marketing Company!

Rippln is not an Internet Marketing Company!

Facts to prove that Rippln is not a Network Marketing Company.

Facts to prove Rippln is not an Internet Marketing Company. Internet Marketing Companies usually brand one person as an expert or leader in one specific area and provide a proven system. Most Internet Marketing companies benefit from individuals attempting to learn how to repeat a mentor’s success which entails a huge learning curve, high – end coaching and a daunting process of learning and improving many skills like copywriting, web-design, graphics and most importantly driving traffic.

Rippln does not have a huge learning curve, is not overwhelming, doesn’t require paying a high-end coach, and is not a lenghtly daunting process that takes years to truly grasp. Rippln is a wealth vehicle that does all the copywriting, selling and sales for you. Rippln has erased the toughest parts of internet marketing and reduced your main responsibility to sharing, inviting and engaging, something everyone can do and be good at.

Reasons why Rippln is Unique:

Rippln has been funded by a handful of
leaders whose lives were completely changed
by various industries: network marketing, internet marketing and the technology industry. It is funded by leaders who are living examples of what’s possible when you undergo
a personal wealth revolution.

It is funded by people who believe 100%
in the power of the technology industry to transform
YOUR life… and help to create new era’s
of wealth for families. 

Rippln is Promising

Ripple has created a unique social commerce platform that puts all the power and most of the wealth back in the hands of the people! It will be YOU who reaps the rewards of
sharing the hottest new apps and games on the planet.

It’s about seeing the value and social reach you as an individual can create in the world! Instead of watching someone else get incredibly wealthy you get the chance to be the one!

Rippln is Powerful

Rippln started as an idea and a dream developed into a concept where everyday people would benefit financially from their own individualized social reach and influence within a social commerce platform built for the latest apps, games, innovative products and programs. Incentivized Sharing is also a new concept: it is when you share the apps and games you love naturally with others and get paid financially from Rippln for being the one who shared the app or game naturally.

But Rippln became a real deal when after only 11 weeks over 1 million people joined Rippln – which is faster than Facebook and Pinterest. I million eyeballs times 2 is a big splash. Rippln quickly became not only a company but a movement with a lot of eyeballs, influence and power, that’s why so many fortune 500 companies are knocking on Rippln’s door consistently. If many fortune 500 companies are knocking on one specific door with over 2 million eyeballs on it and you are a Entrepreneur – Trust Me - you want to know and be a part of it!

Since then the Rippln founders and team have worked tirelessly to turn Rippln into an easy to use – friendly vehicle that is easy and fun, just play the latest games, use the best apps, and sharing and invite others to do the same. Once Rippln is fully launched it will be a vehicle that enables millions of people around the world to tap into the hottest, fastest, growing sector of wealth in the world today…..we know it as Technology!

Why has Rippln been so misunderstood and misrepresented?

Rippln’s Vision is so Big – Bigger than one man or woman – Bigger than most everyday people can wrap their minds around. Rippln has the uniqueness, potential and power to begin a revolution that could be one of the largest movements inside the technology industry and world that anyone has ever seen.

Even bigger than the Internet!

What will be your part – will you be a naysayer or a believer?

Will you allow yourself and your mind to expand and think big?

So choose wisely this could be the once and a lifetime opportunity that comes around only once in a lifetime!

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Dr. Mary Ozegovich is a LCSW, Life Coach and a Law of Attraction Wealth Expert. She resides in New York and is the author of "An Invitation to Your Financial Success and Freedom" and has recently be advertised on national TV. SHe is also the author of a 5 part Spiritual Series on How to draw closer to God.