Few things are important to know before deciding which condo you have to buy like as Area you are going to get, Kitchen, Bathroom Size, Study room, Bedroom, etc. but something is there which is more important for knowing and that is locality into which you are going to buy your new Condo. A place where you will be going to live with your family and make new friends.

Always remember your society and your society members left a huge impact on your life and family. So, here we have one location that we want to suggest to you for buying your new condos and that is Toronto.

Toronto is a beautiful city in Canada. This is surrounded by the sea and it gives very beautiful looks and you will enjoy your free time in the beautiful atmosphere of this city. The average temperature of the weather of this city is 20 degrees C, Wind at 8 Km/h, 90% humidity. Which is good for you.

This city has many beautiful parks into it like the Oval of Queen Park. Where you can visit with your family. The population of this city is 29.3 lakhs. That simplifies that you will get complete space and a number of opportunities for doing new things in this city.

We hope that our suggestion will be going to help you and you guys will give a deep thought onto this cause buying a condo is like spending a minimum of $600000. So, you must have to study about your locality for which you are going to spend this much amount.

Below we are going to tell you about a few points that will help you in thinking and also tell you about the advantages of buying new condos Toronto:

1). Expense: - According to Trulia.com, Homeowners association fees are higher for old condos in comparison to new condos. So, in terms of expense, you can save your money if you go for new condos. Also, in new condos, you will get to feel fresh.

2). Facility & Features of New Condos: - In a new condo you will going to get various new features that you will now go to get into an apartment. They are as follows: - Tennis Court, Play Ground, Pools, Fountains, Parking Lots, Roof, Hallways, Entrancing Gates, Exterior siding, etc. Also, the best part is the maintenance of these elements will be going to be bear by HOA.

This combo is the reason behind pushing buyers for condos. For example – everyone has a dream of having a swimming pool along with his/her living place. That you can easily get in your condos.

3). Automatic Maintenance: - The biggest issue after having a living place is that you have to do time to time militance of your property. That requires a huge time and also money. Whereas in condos you do not have to worry about this. Yes. Condos HOA will take care of all this stuff.

Yes, they will arrange maintenance of your property and took care of all the things like water supply, cutting grass, cleaning, and paints of walls, etc. In this way, your huge time and efforts would be saved that you can utilize in doing your remaining task.

4). Security: - Everyone has always desired that someone would be there always for taking care of their family and keeping them safe. In a condo, HOA arranges for Main door entrance and also proper security guard facility. That will let anyone in your property after checking their documents and verifying it from you. In this way, you will feel safer and your family would be remaining protected.

5). Social Life: - In a condo, there are several meetings happen via HOA and also you have to share various elements with your neighbor condo owner.

In this process, you will meet new people and that will help you to make new relations like as a friend, lover, etc. This will boost your social life and help you to remove stress from your daily life.

6). In Reach of Middle-Class Family: - As per the research of the National Association of Realtor (NAR) in 2018 for buying a single-family house, one has to pay $260000 whereas they can get a condo at approximate $248000.

This show that family will be wiser if they select condos for them. As they will going to get various other features along with this. Which they are not going to get along with buying an apartment or buying a home.

7). Area of Condos: - If you go for buying a house then you have to move ahead from the industrial area and have to go for a residential area. Whereas condos are available near to the industrial area. Yes, every year thousands of $$ you had to spend for reaching your office and also have to spend daily 2 to 3 hours while traveling. Whereas in case you will live near your office area then, your time and money both will go to get saved.

Above we had shared appealing reasons behind buying and looking out for a new condo and also advised you about locality and area like Toronto for buying your new condos. We hope that above-shared information will be helpful. In case you have any suggestions or question please feel free to contact us.

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