A combined effort by weight loss physician Dr B. Quebbemann and a scientific device company in America to battle obesity has led to the development of a new Spider procedure which could replace alternative forms of cosmetic surgery.

A simple surgical tool made to cut your stomach size to only 20% of its normal facility, the Spider enters through a tiny incision in your belly button before its limbs expand inside to perform the surgery.

Currently referred to as ‘Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy’, this surgery has essentially been produced to help severely overweight patients; however it has also been promising for patients with a Body Mass Index of 30-35.

Why should individuals try it?

Whereas gastric bypasses cause nutrients to skert around your stomach and Lap-Bands make a minature section at the top of your stomach, the Spider does not influence nutrient intake and is great for slimmers who don’t want an artificial device in their abdomen.

Is it risk free?

Even though the Spider has been acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration, not much is known about the risks and permanent benefits of using the Spider.

Experts warn that the surgery can: cause injury to your stomach, digestive system and organs (during surgery); escape from the crease where your stomach has been decreased; become inflamed around the stomach lining contributing to heartburn and stomach ulcers and encourage sickness when you consume you too much.

Similarly, this surgery definitely is no miracle cure…

Dieters are advised to lead a healthy eating plan and exercise often (after the surgery) or they may see bad weight loss.

Is there another option?

For risk free, safe organic fat loss, eating well and exercising consistently can encourage the fat loss you desire.

However if you require assistance igniting your excess weight loss, the guidance of a quality weight loss pill can help. Clinically tested to cut up to 28% of your dietary fat intake, lower your hunger, improve blood cholesterol and boost your energy levels, Proactol can provide you with the weight loss assistance you need with none of the risk of cosmetic surgery.

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