In an attempt to distinctly organize rules about cosmetics registration and regulations for efficient acquiescence. India's health ministry, with the help of a gazette notification, has released the new cosmetic rules 2020. The ministry gave a notification in implementing the powers deliberated by section 12 and section 33 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

As per the rules, actual manufacturers about the cosmetics import implies a person who manufactures cosmetics at his own manufacturing unit in a country other than India with approval from National Regulatory Authority or any of the authorized competent expert in that country for that particular purpose by whatever name called for the sole purpose of the clause, a person must include the company, or unit or body corporate or any other establishment included. Therefore, as per the new rule, it has been made mandatory to register the applicant's actual manufacturer.

The rules further notify that an authorized agent implies a person in India who has been authorized by the product manufacturer. The agent is responsible for all business activities of the manufacturer in India that includes compliance to all provisions of the ACT and rules that have been made under this clause's sole purpose. A person also includes a company along with the unit or anybody corporate along with any other establishment.

No cosmetics shall be imported to India until and unless that product is registered as per the central licensing authority's rules. The applicant must furnish along with the application of other information and documents specified in part 1 of the second schedule.

Along with all information regarding the actual manufacturer, the application must also include the fee for every manufacturing site of the cosmetic as per the new rules. If the product licensee does not pay the fee on or before the date, the registration holder has to pay a late fee in addition to the regular fee.

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