The new UK driving test is here and it is not nearly as bad as some of the rumours were making it out to be. The main change is that you now have to do a little of what is called independent driving. The cost of taking the test remains the same as before and it is not actually any more difficult as such. You are allowed the same number of faults as previously and despite the changes, the test is not any longer. The instructor wants to observe how you drive without being given step by step instructions by him. The intention is to create a situation that is closer to what real driving on your own would be like. Now that does not sound so bad does it?

Driving On Your Own

For ten minutes of your driving test you will drive without any instructions from your instructor. In the beginning of the independent driving part of the new system your instructor will give you instructions or a destination. You will have to follow road signs to get to your destination rather than listening to someone telling you every single turn you have to make. The instructor wants to see how you handle missing your turns, going the wrong way, which is just the sort of thing that happens in reality. He is checking to make sure you do not suddenly make swift lane changes or weave across lanes to make your turn suddenly. It is better to go the wrong way than to do this. If you do go the wrong way the instructor will help you get back on track.

The independent driving portion of the new process gives the instructor an idea of how you will drive when you are by yourself. That is the whole purpose of the independent driving portion.

Additional Changes To The Test

There will now only be one maneuver done on the driving test instead of two. It was taking up too much time trying to find places to do the maneuvers and left less time for driving. Now you will be able to drive further distances and drive areas that are unfamiliar to you. The instructor will be able to observe your driving around roundabouts, along high streets and there will be more right turns to be taken. You should have no problems if you have learned how to drive properly.

From Sep 2011 the questions for the theory part of the test will not be made available to the public. Too many people are simply learning what the questions and answers are and not understanding the facts they are meant to learn. Knowing the answers to the questions without understanding the meaning of what the answers are does no one any good. You will be expected to watch DVDs or read books to learn the information so that you can answer the questions on the theory test. You will actually have to learn the information and remember it or you will not be able to pass.

Something else that will be added in 2011 to the theory test is attitude questions. They want to know how you will react or what your attitude would be to certain situations.

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