New Family Pet? Here's the Best Cleaning Supplies

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Some people don't believe that you can own a pet and still maintain a great-looking home inside, but you can. As long as you arm yourself with a few pet products that make the cleanup easy, then you're on the right track. We adore our dogs and cats and other cute pets just like our human loved ones, but there are some essentials you should stock up on to keep things tidy, smelling fresh as a daisy and healthy-clean when your new pet comes home to join the family. Check out our list of the best cleaning supplies.

Paper Towels

A few of you may be laughing, but seriously, having lots of paper towels on hand is a no-brainer. Not only do these heavy-duty picker-uppers clean up human messes and spills, but when it comes to pets, paper towels are just as effective. You won't regret having these absorbent papers in rolls at the ready because pet accidents of all kinds do happen when you least expect them to. Sop up liquid messes left behind from Fido without freaking out.

Stain Remover

Let's say that your new puppy is marking his territory in the house right by your favorite chair in the den. Of course, you want to stop the behavior, but you also need to remove any stains and odors that your fur baby leaves behind. You also only want to use pet stain removers that are non-toxic and safe for your pet.

The common household cleaners you use often contain harsh chemical ingredients that include ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol, and others. These chemicals may blast odors and stains but can be harmful and create a toxic environment.

Look for non-toxic pet stain removers. They're out there and not only lift the odors and stains but take care of blood, vomit, mud, and grease.


No matter how adorable your cat or dog looks, pet hair is something that many breeds have a lot of, and it ends up on our couches, carpets, floors, and many other inside places and spaces.

Here are two interesting pet facts:

  1. Cats have finer fur than dogs so that means the hair can stay airborne longer.
  1. Cat hair is often more noticeable than dog hair.

The best vacuum for pet hair is a multi-tasker and can tackle hair on wall-to-wall carpeting, rugs, and bare floors, including hardwood, ceramic, and laminate.

A vacuum designed for pets is convenient for quickly zapping away dirt, hair, and dander from all kinds of surfaces.

Air Purifier

Every pet is unique in their daily habits, and sometimes, you just want a deodorizer you can count on.

For example, there is a wide variety of air purifiers to choose from. When it comes to the litter box, there are deodorizers you can sprinkle on that add an extra boost of purifying power. You can also purchase air purifying bags containing charcoal that can eliminate all kinds of pet smells. Most veterinarians recommend avoiding scented plug-in deodorizers and aerosol-sprays because these often contain toxic chemicals that can cause issues in your pet.

Dog Mat

Here's another useful product to have in your pet cleaning supply arsenal. A dog mat is an awesome item to place just outside of your home or in the basement or garage before Fido enters the home after a walk, swimming in the pool, or playing outside.

The mat is excellent for removing water, dirt, and gunk from a pet's paws before tracking it indoors. The shammy material is like a towel and often features a soft, absorbent polyester microfiber that soaks up water fast and dries Fido off instantly. A dog mat comes in all sizes depending on the breed and can be rolled up and travel with you to the beach, lake, dog park, etc.

Congratulations. We all love bringing a new pet into the family as dogs provide us with so much more than a bark or a wag of the tail. Pets are amazing creatures, but they need a little human help to keep their personal space neat, tidy, safe, and odor-free. We believe that our cleaning supplies are wonderful basics to always have on hand.

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