If you will compare all the fitness trackers presently available in a range of below $100, then you will find so many similarities depending on their functionality, design, and hardware.

So, in order to make its Vivosmart 4 stands apart, Garmin has tried some innovations on its software instead. These innovations are made by using all the information which is tracked by the wearable in order to provide a better understanding of your body.

This includes a new feature of Body Battery which has the capability of estimating your energy levels. This depends upon the age factor of the person using it. For getting help about the battery type for a specified age one can contact Garmin Customer Service.

The Vivosmart 4 costs you $130 which means that this fitness tracker does not include any GPS functionality. However, the GPS technology is what the products of Garmin are typically known for, so, this can make this gadget a pass for all the hardcore runners.

But, it is capable of managing to squeeze your pulse and optical heart rate ox sensor into the wearable. This device looks a bit thinner than the Vivosmart 3 which is its predecessor.

You can also say that it is more stylish and looks cool with a rubber strap which comes in fancy and trendy colors such as azure blue blended with silver and gold bezels, powdery grey and berry.

But you should not mistake it for anything else other than just a fitness tracker.

Now, what is so exciting about Vivosmart 4 and makes it worth wearing throughout the day?

The answer is its couple of software features which are quite useful, only if they function as promised. One of these features is the Body Battery which uses the data related to the stress level of your body, overall physical activity, quality of sleep and heart rate in order to estimate the energy levels of your body throughout the day.

Garmin suggests you that your body is ready for an energetic workout when it shows you a score of 100 or closer. However, if this score drops down to zero or close to that then you should better think of catching up on some rest and sleep.

Although it is not any kind of definitive calculation by any stretch, it may help you feel a little less blameworthy for skipping your workout when you are just not willing to do it.

Garmin also suggests you use it's Vivosmart 4 at night, as it has the ability to monitor your heart rate and pulse oximetry along with the level of oxygen in your blood. This will help in detecting issues like sleep apnea when it is about your breathing while you sleep.

This cool gadget can also use the data collected from your body motion and heart rate to monitor your body while going through various stages of sleep all through the night.

This data can also be re-graphed and reviewed via the Garmin app over time on your smartphone, so that it may become easy for you to potentially figure out that you are waking up extremely tired. Though it will not give you any specific solutions for how to have a better sleep, the data it provides may help you spot the reasons for screwing up your sleep.

May it be your neighbours cranking their melodies at 1 am every night?

If you do not mind its fitness concentrating design, then Vivosmart 4 can also be an acceptable alternative for a smartwatch.

With some useful features like a waterproof covering, battery which requires to be charged only once a week and some basic features of smartphones including notifications for text messages, emails, and incoming calls, it sounds to be a great device. When you pair this gadget with your Android device, then it can even send the canned text message replies right from the tracker.

In case you come across any errors regarding pairing with android or error in its basic functioning (mentioned above) of this new fitness tracker of Garmin.

Here is the Garmin phone number (1-855-403-8088) for solving issues related to pairing and any other functioning.

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