The PlayStation Greece Twitter account has tweeted a statement which appears premature -- there's a new exclusive' Celebration Package' in the works that'll be offered to PS Plus subscribers. This package will include exclusive cosmetics, offering Sony's PlayStation customers more unique items including the match's iconic blue colour, among other things. Many information about the package stay unclear at this moment, however.

According to a tweet released by the PlayStation Greece Twitter account, PlayStation Greece Revealed - Fortnite Exclusive Pack they will soon also receive a new package, weapon wrap, banner ads, and emote in a previously unannounced Celebration Pack for PS Plus.

None of those items have received a name yet, but they feature the iconic PlayStation blue colour and the harvesting instrument have a design that nicely pairs together with the previously released Carbon glider and skin. No additional announcements about this new Celebration Pack have been published, suggesting the PlayStation Greece accounts may have prematurely published the news.

The tweet especially lacks the Celebration Pack's launch date, but the tweet's advent means availability is probably planned for the not too distant future. The pack will be free for PS4 owners that have a PS Plus subscription and unavailable for everybody else.

While Fortnite is available across PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and also the Nintendo Switch, it's PlayStation owners that have profited the most when it comes to free makeup.

Being a PS Plus penis, that requires one to pay a monthly subscription, will land you a new decorative pack -- entirely free of charge -- whenever the publishers get around to creating one. These are usually labeled as PlayStation Celebration, and there is a brand-new one coming in the near future.

On September 14, the PlayStation Greece Twitter accounts revealed a fresh pack is in the works. As is pretty normal, the collection will have a harvesting tool and a brand-new weapon wrap -- falling the glider and contrail which has been available before.

This new one, where regrettably the names of these contents are unknown, will instead contain a brand new emblem for your banner and Mace emoji for whenever you choose to celebrate without breaking into a dance.

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