Successful policies and procedures manuals are among the most overlooked facets for almost all small to medium companies. Among the crucial reasons that small to medium companies never get to attain their full potential is they do not have the right systems in place to permit the quality of the work to be constant across every area. Your new hire policy and procedures let you effectively record the work your employees complete on a daily or weekly basis saving you the time and inconvenience of having to describe the identical process over and over again.

Discover the energy of working 'on your business' and not in it

Many small to medium companies, with less than 20 employees, find great difficulty in maintaining a constant eye on all their employees and as a company owner you not need to do so. Rather your goal as a successful business manager would be to invest as much time working 'in your business' as possible and never as working 'in the company.' The only time you must be operating 'in the company,' as a proprietor, is if you are first starting out and documenting all of the policies and procedures which are necessary for each function.

Envision hiring ten new Employees a week for ten straight weeks

Among the most powerful mindsets, you can be to envision needing to hire ten new employees a week for ten consecutive weeks. The only way to genuinely satisfy your long-term fiscal objectives is by way of expansion, and the only way to cultivate your company is using the appropriate new hire policy and procedures manuals set up. The only way a company can flourish and economically hire ten new employees per week is using an efficient group of policies and procedures guides.

There is no doubt that your employees have asked the very same questions over and over again along with your new hires. Unfortunately for many organizations, this is the point where the company growth boils to Chinese whispers. The very first individual learns the policies and processes handed down from their supervisor, then they place their interpretation and alterations on these policies and processes and educate their new format into the staff under them. This is unquestionably the most wasteful and ineffective means to develop as a business, and if you're ever likely to move to another level as an organization, then you will have to learn how to implement effective policies and procedures manuals.

Certainly, there is a range of significant policies that you need to document inside your present company that once completed will let you manage your time and have the mindset of a person who's in a position to hire ten new employees weekly.

Irrespective of whether you're growing your company with 1 to 5 employees weekly or 1 to 5 employees annually, the practice of documenting the right policies and procedures manuals for many aspects of your business is going to be the best leverage of your time, energy and money.

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