Our pianists are chosen as the best in new Jersey piano players. Our players mainly focus on high energy performance and delivering the sophisticated event. It is rare to find wedding bands with lead vocalists who also have a stunning stage presence and can attract your guest’s attention easily with their soft and heart touching music.

We know that our New Jersey clients want the very best in talent and skillful piano players for their parties, so we work hard and focus on giving the best musicians in the parties and wedding. The New Jersey players are incredibly rehearsed and polished. We know that each wedding day has to be perfect, so we take the time to work with each client to first understand exactly how they visualize their most important wedding day and how they want it to be. We assist in organizing an exact timeline and modify the list of songs for each event.

When it comes to the music, we have experience in playing music over a thousand of the most popular dance hits, both classic and current top 40. We also learn new music for new generation events because the new generation doesn’t like old melodies. Our lead vocalists that have incredible range and versatility, each song is prepared to match the level of the original artist. When it comes to hiring a wedding band in NJ, it is important to choose the top professionals that have also been selected by some of the top wedding venues.

new Jersey piano entertainment is best in playing songs on demand, whether you want to hear songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s. If you are in the mood of listening to songs like rock and roll songs, jazz songs or some classical songs you can tell and he will play that song for you.

Each of our musicians is known for having the crowd on their feet from the start of the event to the very last moment when they have the crowd chanting for more music! We play continuous live piano melody throughout the event so that even as your guests are enjoying dinner, your favorite songs are still being played.

We believe that every event is unique and every client is different. We do not only provide standard packages, but we also provide a custom entertainment package designed specifically for you and for your events. If you want music only no problem or if you want something more custom such as Intelligent Lighting Design or even Plasma Video Screens, battery keyboard, extra power backup. We work hard with you to create the perfect entertainment for you and for your invited guests with the package and will make the atmosphere perfect that fits your budget.

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