“On an average, store holders switching to Magento based eCommerce solution see an increase in sales up to 62%, which is certainly a figure most store owners are going to be happy with.”

“Even taking the entire world wide web(www) into consideration, Magento ranks 3rd, which comprises of top 168,000 Magento stores and giving them an 8% share of the market.”

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It past approximately 3 years since eBay and Magento split. Immediately after the split, Magento emerged as an outstanding ecommerce.

And without a doubt, Magento 2 enterprise features are elaborate and effective.

Magento 2 performance goes well beyond boundaries.

During this 2015-2020, Magento 2 improvements are going fast. Magento latest version is 2.x

September 26, 2017 is release date of the fresh new Magento 2.2.2.
Developers and online store owners over the globe are excited to see new features that have come up.

Day-by-day, Magento 2 feature list is growing only.

Let us take a fast paced look of new facilities which are bundled with Magento 2.2.2 release

Magento Business Intelligence discovers Advanced Reporting Features

Advanced reports provide even more detailed information on
and related aggregates.

Just remember that newly explored reporting functionalities are not substitute for Business Intelligence. Rather it integrates with MBI to gain better insights and control over business activities.

There are 3 things needed to access Advanced Reporting
1. Magento based Ecommerce web store
2. Website should be HTTPS, i.e. with a valid SSL certificate
3. Subscription to Business Intelligence - along with extra fees for reporting

What You Get as Business Vendor
3 Dashboards
Up to 20 reports
about your store performance.

Reports are NOT directly available from Admin panel of Magento.
Rather, a link is given by Magento Inc., which you can access after login to Admin panel.

After clicking on it, user is redirected to a SaaS interface that reveals all metrics.

2. Magento Multi-carrier Shipping

This functionality is in fact implemented and served by Temando that connects carriers with retailers and retailers to people.

Yet, you don’t need to pay any extra charges to Temando, it is packed as Magento’s feature. Simply upgrade existing webshop to 2.2.2 version and tons of shipping options get available.

To know more about this option, I request you to visit the official Magento press release.

3. Instant Purchase Checkout

Often times people purchase from same set of websites which they trust and interacted with in past.

Checkout abandonment rate on ecommerce website increases not only on account of weak user experience, but also when visitor forgets password or card number. If he/she cannot recollect it or if visitor does not have a bag of personal portfolio in hand, conversion does not happen on your website.

Flip side is that visitor may buy the same thing next time from another site or from local shop, and if no urgency, completely avoids to shop further.

So, why take a chance?

To run a profitable business venture, you can now prop up streamlined checkout feature that by default comes with 2.2.2 release of Magento.

Here, buyer can opt options to keep various information saved, like
shipping address
billing address
preferred payment method

A returning customer simply has to re-login to authenticate identity.

Then there is no further need of entering all the data. Boxes come fulfilled. A single click on ‘Purchase’ button will do.

The system will place the order using previously entered or preferred settings.

To avoid any errors or situation-specific mistakes, Magento displays notification confirmation where user can change any parameter for this time.

You can personalize appearance and tooltip for Purchase button from the Magento Admin panel.

Instant Purchase supports multiple payment solutions using Braintree Vault.

To know more, I request you to go through official user guide of Magento.

4. Magento DotMailer Integration


With this, launching of state-of-the-art emails has become very easy.

Being able to conduct mail design and run campaign right from Magento backend panel means elegant marketing automation.

I haven’t researched in depth like what data points are interchanged between both platforms but if it is vital for you to know, good idea is to contact any existing subscriber of Dotmailer who is also using Magento. Because screenshots are the only geek that will help you to grasp whole story, I recommend looking into screenshots so that you understand integration benefits from nuances.

Initially, it turns out that you have to subscribe for premium package of Dotmailer to use this option to its fullest. Prices are estimated around USD $350 per year and 14 days free trial is available.

5. Magento Functional Testing Framework (MFTF) - for Developers

Alike end users, this makes abundant difference for technical people.
Newly created Magento Functional Testing Framework (MTFT) is
- open-source &
- modular
- cross-platform

MFTF has come up to replace old testing kit namely - Functional Testing Framework.

This is another milestone achievement that makes Magento 2 development better.

Today, there is rising importance of quality testing due to unprecedented complexity involved in software development.

Considering same, Magento2 is evolved and added test automation functionalities.

Briefly, MFTF allows to:
conduct functional testing
minimizes human intervention when doing regression testing
minimizes efforts for XML processing during customizing ecommerce website

Minor Fixes in Magento 2.2.2

Now, as always, alike major ones, sub release of a software generally does not make a huge leap of features.

Alongside list of newly introduced functionalities, I would like to draw your attention on small points that you don’t want to miss.

Indian Rupee (INR) Support is enabled if using PayPal Express Checkout inside Magento
Good news for programmers: new switches/options are added to CLI(command line interface), especially in admin:user:create command.
To find tables inside Admin panel, you can now use the Enter key on top of a mouse click

That’s it. Our wrap is completed for today.

Above text puts forward that discussion on magento 1 vs magento 2.2 comparison is only getting narrowed, i.e. keeping website in version 1.x is not right worth of the salt for any website owner.

Have productive weekdays ahead!

Inspirational Moment
“Customer service isn’t just a department, it is the entire company.”

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“On an average, store holders switching to Magento based eCommerce solution see an increase in sales up to 62%, which is certainly a figure most store owners are going to be happy with.”

“Even taking the entire world wide web(www) into consideration, Magento ranks 3rd, which comprises of top 168,000 Magento stores and giving them an 8% share of the market.”