Wedding season is on the way and stainless steel rings are here for the rescue! You must be on your way to buy the perfect ring for your big day to make it look more special. What if you say goodbye to all those mainstream wedding rings and let the stainless-steel rings add glamor to your look. These rings might sound very simple but in fact, they make a stylish masterpiece.

Stainless-steel rings are new in the market and many of you might not still be aware of what exactly these rings look like. But, despite being new, they have hit the market really high owing to their durability, cost-effectiveness and, off-course, style.

What qualities do Stainless-steel rings bear?
Stainless steel rings, as the name indicates, bear the same qualities as Stainless-steel itself. Let’s see what these qualities are!

What is stainless steel? It is an alloy; a mixture of different metals. Stainless-steel is a mixture of carbon, iron, and chromium. These individual metals give the stainless-steel rings their characteristic qualities. Chromium gives shine, reflection, and durability to the steel. Additional metals can also be included, like nickel and manganese.

1-Durable and light-weight
The extreme durability and light-weight of stainless-steel make it a perfect material for wedding rings. Imagine wearing your wedding ring as light as a feather. You can add more weight to it by the gemstones and inlay designs.

2-Poor conductor of electricity and heat
Stainless steel is a bad conductor of electricity and heat and so are the rings made from it. S these rings make the safest option to go for.

3-Resistant to wear and tear
Stainless steel is a highly resistant material and does not let corrosion, scratching or tarnish affect it easily. Being stretch proof, stainless-steel rings can live for many years, just like new.

Stainless Steel Wedding Bands; Why and why not?
There are certain pros as well as cons to buying stainless-steel wedding rings.

Why Yes?
1-Affordable price
As already discussed, these rings are durable and resistant to corrosion. At the same time, their affordable price makes them the best choice. So, you can now buy platinum-looks rings worth tungsten and titanium, without ever compromising on quality. These rings are cheap to buy and worth showing off.

Stainless-steel is 100% recyclable. Moreover, its production leads to very less waste and utilization of energy. So, it has an energy-efficient and eco-friendly production.

3-Emergency removal
In case of any emergency, stainless steel wedding rings can be easily removed with the help of any regular cutting tool and without causing much hassle and worry.

Stainless steel rings seldom cause any allergic reaction to the skin. The only exception to this rule is the nickel containing stainless-steel rings for the people allergic to nickel.

Why not?
Where buying these rings brings you multiple benefits.

1-Low availability in stores
Stainless-steel rings are not much known in the market yet and therefore, are not widely available in the store. Thus, most of the times, you have to order these rings online.

2-Difficult to repair or resize
Stainless steel wedding rings are not easy when it comes to repairing or resizing. In such cases, the cost of such services can exceed even the actual production cost of the ring. However, some retailers, being the silver lining, warranty lifetime exchange of products.

3-Chlorine sensitivity
Chlorine is stainless-steel’s weakness. These rings are very sensitive to chlorine. Therefore, make sure that you remove the ring before making contact with any chlorinated product like swimming water.

4-Loss of shine over the years
Over the years, stainless-steel rings can eventually lose their lustrous shine and original polish. However, if you get your ring polished by a professional, its lustrous shine will come back!

Some important tips for stainless steel ring shopping
Before you go shopping stainless-steel rings, make sure you keep the following important tips in your mind to save you from further hassle:

1-Order the perfect ring size to save the hassle of resizing.

2-Read the product description thoroughly. This is important because certain ion or electroplated rings are not fit for daily use.

3-Consult a professional ring manufacturer and get your ring tension set. These last longer and are durable.

4-Gemstones which have Moh’s rating of less than 9.0 should not be fitted in the rings.

5-The best gems for use are diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

6-Last but not least, online shopping is a risk. So, it is better to stick to the realtor who offers at least 30 days warranty, money back or exchange.

Are you ready to give a new touch to your wedding? Be cool enough to try these stunning silver rings while they are still not known to many!

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