When a team is out playing soccer, everyone recognizes them by their colors. The team color might be solid blue or red or a combination of yellow and blue or black and red. What matters is that everyone on the team wears it, everyone plays for their team. Unifying the team is one of the main purposes of wearing team colors. So, here we are discussing how to order team colors and what the uniform is all about.

Place the order for a uniform

The first thing a team does when the season begins is to choose a suitable uniform maker and place the order. One has to choose from the top Custom Soccer Jersey Manufacturers because only they know the trouble one faces while making the uniforms. They know which the best choice of material is. If you are a new team and do not have a uniform, then you will have to pick the team colors first. A coach or a manager will usually do this but, at times, they may ask the team players for their opinion.

Order a complete uniform kit

Once you have decided on the team colors, it is customary to place the order. The rage this season is to place an order for a complete soccer dress kit. This means you get a soccer jersey in the team’s color, a black (or white) shorts, a pair of black boots, and black (or white) socks. This saves you the time and effort needed to choose a complete kit. The jersey maker will team up with a footwear maker to complete this order. If you do not want any fancy customization, you will get your dress kit within a couple of days of placing the order. You can bring practice in your new uniforms the next day. Being a fast and easy process, many new teams on the horizon are choosing this method for placing the order.

Customize the design

The other method is to customize your uniform design. You might need this if you have a unique design in your mind or the choice of colors is not the usual red, blue, or maroon. You have to check with the uniform manufacturers if they have uniform material in your desired color. At times, they may have the color but not in the preferred material. The choice of the material is important because this will decide whether the player will be comfortable or not.

Pick the right uniform material

If the material is a wicking material like polyester or polyester blend, then the moisture will wick away from the body of the player. The material will not absorb moisture. Cotton used to be the preferred material but modern material beat it in both weight and water absorption. The water absorption of cotton is 15-17 times that of polyester. The use of air knit polyester helps the fabric breathe more easily than cotton.

If you need blocks or stripes on the uniform, then we give the pattern to the uniform maker. He will arrange the pattern and show you the sample. If it is alright, you can give the order for the complete set needed for the team.

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