The newness of this next year and evaluating what is next might be on your mind now. Set yourself up for success by taking time to sit with any decisions You are about to make. Honesty is called for over the next couple of weeks. Success will be more assured if the goals You set come from within You and not from the self imposed limitations and obligations that are from outside of yourself.

It is important to pay attention to the body mind spirit connection and how to keep them in harmony. This will allow for a release of old heart wounds for healing. Focus on grounding these things so they do not block your creativity.

Conscious rest and rejuvenation serves to allow integration of alignment and wholeness.

The last few cycles have directed us back to ourselves for a reason so that when You are ready to take yourself out in to the world via projects or work the light of You shines through. It is okay to show your talents and abilities now.

If You are experiencing any type of loss or disappointment then it is doubly important for You to keep your attention on successes and connections that You have already achieved. Maybe try keeping a journal that holds only your successes and completions.

Take time to be self interested so that You can be fully aware of what will serve You in moving forward in your life.

There may be a strong need to come back to yourself and remember that when we all look after ourselves then the whole is looked after. Get clear, be honest and move forward with grace and focus.

The space You take for yourself now is going to give You clearer indicators of what is to come for You in the new year. Any rest time will allow You to see the bigger picture, You will have more energy for creating the new, instead of just enough for dealing with the everyday life details right in front of You.

Action: Allow Yourself to imagine that when You rest You are surrounded and infused by a gentle golden light. Notice how this makes You feel and what it causes You to imagine. Whether or not You see/feel it, spirit is always with You.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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