The energy is ripe for manifesting in a powerful quick way and breaking free of self limiting beliefs. We recommend taking advantage of it. Get clear and keep your eyes on the ball.

The seeds of creating action have been planted. There is just a bit more patience necessary to stay with the quiet energy of the next few weeks. If You can feel the waiting is almost over You are right. You can expect to be feeling energized and creatively inspired to take action and will feel the energy to start these new projects that are bubbling inside of You now and in the near future. Trust that the seeds You have planted will soon pop through with new growth.
There is a darkening still present for anyone that is not willing to be aware of carrying extra baggage and releasing anything that is no longer serving. Honor yourself by setting priorities and releasing those things that drain energy and joy from You.

Joy, playing, and meditation will get You through any times of confusion or fear based on your beliefs about your future. How can You bring greater joy to what You are doing everyday? Find ways to play with others to create and find new levels of enjoyment in your life.

Your focus is none but your own and it is so your choice what You want to live now or any other time.

If You feel any concern over what if’s in your life, take time to remember that the balance in your life starts with You. How can You bring greater balance to your being so that it shows up in your life? This is an investment in yourself and anything You bring forward from within You will reflect this.

By valuing yourself there is a new level of understanding and there is also a greater ability to attract the assistance that You would like in creating your dreams. There is also the piece about having valued self You can actually then see more clearly the value in others. This is a great way to live from an authentic place. There may be some adjustments and emotional upheaval in those around You if You fully move into this place of valuing yourself. Their emotion really belongs to them and if You are willing to stay in the bright position of honoring yourself then watch how quickly they join You in this beautiful way.

Have You ever noticed how a situation can be just what it is and yet there can be hundreds of perceptions about what the situation meant and what it means. Such is life! If You do not like what You believe You are seeing then it is up to You whether You choose to continue seeing it that way or if You would rather go to the effort to recreate the meaning of the same situation for yourself.

Action: Be willing to get into your imagination about what You would like your life to be and see if You can really feel it as well.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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Energy of transformation in the air, so it is time to wake up and live what your heart is called to live and express.
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