A time of going within to find the peace that will support You in going through anything that comes up during this time. Know that You have a relationship with the divine, always, that can never be severed. By finding quiet alone time You can share any concerns, ask for what You would like and listen for guidance. This time in solitude will serve You in transforming and releasing any energy that needs to be purged now.
It can also be a great time to notice which ways You could bring focus back to yourself in the healthy self interested way that will serves the whole. To be loyal to yourself by letting go of anything, anyone, and any situation You feel is lacking sincerity will bring your dreams and personal visions more into focus. This is but another way of saying what we have been saying for months now.
If any of this concerns You then remember that by taking time in solitude and slowing down to connect with source directly You will be infused with spirit and just like the apple tree fulfilling its purpose by putting energy into the apple without having to pick the blossoms, so too shall the situations that no longer serve You fall away.
Anything that is purged is for the reason of making space for the new. On the intellectual level it will serve to revisit the choices you’ve made in the recent past to make sure that You are still in alignment with them.
Things are starting to shift much quicker, asking us to trust that things are just how they need to be in this moment. The outcome will shed light on why things need to be the way they are now.
If You are asking and wondering if the transformation of the earth is ever going to be complete and change to show up on the physical plane, take heart, the purging of the earth is increasing in intensity and will only last for so long. A powerful question to ask is, ‘What is my part to do, in supporting this shift’?
Have You been noticing that the people coming into your life now seem to know You more fully than normal? There may be feelings of discomfort in having someone fully know You and be able to see deeper and… it is important to focus on the benefit. It really can free You up to be who You are and to find more joy in your relationships due to the honesty and greater depth of connection. You literally will have little to hide and so little fear around keeping things hid.
New soul level teachings are happening now as well. The calibration that is happening is subconscious and the majority of it is happening in the dream time. We are both the teacher and the student and the integration is happening from our spiritual Selves to our physical selves as we go about our days.
When You are willing to notice what brings You closer to spirit, the physical manifestations will show that more clearly. You may even be able to more easily ‘see, feel, hear’ source in those people and things around You. We are headed to a time when love is more predominant and fear falls away, where communication holds more honesty and can be done more cleanly because of our openness. Telepathy will come to be more common place and our ability to understand everything around us will provide more joy.
Justice will be served in all that we do now. It may be difficult to accept if You have sat on your laurels believing that You have little control to affect your life and have not taken time to really understand how very directly your thoughts, feelings and actions affect everything around You.
Be gentle with yourself as the transformations are happening on a core level. Having trust and faith that source is in all things including this process of transformation, will allow it to happen with greater ease. Source reminds us to stay focused on the end results of expansion and full expression or ourselves in joy by appreciating all that it takes to get us there. Think of the butterfly spending the beginning of its’ life as a caterpillar, enclosing itself in a dark cocoon and emerging after weeks to its full expression of itself. Our lives also have a pattern immersed in spirit.
Action: Soften your focus but maintain intellectual intent to be self centered based in source and joy. Mentally evaluate things that seem uncomfortable and recognize that these are just opportunities to expand more fully into the potential of You.
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Energy of transformation in the air, so it is time to wake up and live what your heart is called to live and express.
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