There is much talk about the truth coming to the forefront and so much of what is happening is not necessarily being shared. All well and good if You choose to look deeper than what You are being told via the main sources of information-still is important to make sure that You buy into only what You would like your life to be.

Which wolf are You feeding? The one that brings You joy or the one that brings You suffering? (See the bottom of the June 2010 Solstice Reading for the wolf story.)

We are being asked to focus on being grounded to the earth and truth. Going against what is real and honest for You dims your light and decreases your freedom. It causes You to feel uncomfortable and alone. Are You willing to look at which beliefs might be holding You back still? The stories are challenging to let go of if You’ve been sharing them for awhile.

The struggle can end with You though and letting go gracefully will happen by just bringing awareness to the stories that no longer serve. Let source and the angels support You, ask them for help.

We are moving into a time of fire so skin eruptions, emotional outbursts, fevers and quick action are to be expected. As well as anything to do with heat, cleansing and burning things up.

During this time using your keen mental abilities and the divine inspiration that comes to You to manifest allows for a strong foundation to create and feel joy from.

A new level of health, trust and friendships are all available now. So staying grounded and letting anything unfinished come to a place of forgiveness can allow You to bring greater truth and understanding to this new level of relating.

If You are feeling the energy of chaos, allow yourself to recognize what is yours and what You might be picking up on from the shifts of the planet.

Allow yourself to feel what it is like to be fully supported on the physical plane. When You feel fear about allowing your heart to guide You then it is time to get more honest with yourself and recognize that mental leadership is good and in the examples of leadership where the mental was present and the guidance of heart is there is well, it is GREAT!

If You feel like You are coming up against barriers, You may be correct AND remember that barriers only exist in the mind. When You know that You are spirit playing the game in a physical body…the barriers dissolve if You are willing to release the ways You are resisting a clear open path of ease and joy. This open path is always available to us in every moment.

Action: Follow You inner calling and if it isn’t really clear yet, no worry, the message and inspiration will increase in clarity and volume. The little promptings are a part of all of this and add to the whole, they are there to help support You in the direction of your choices. Find appreciation in all that has come before now, to allow You to be free to create what is next for You.

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Energy of transformation in the air, so it is time to wake up and live what your heart is called to live and express.

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