When you work from home, it will seem like a great dream come true. As you get to learn about all the opportunties on the internet, you'll want to scoop them all up, much like a kid in the toy store.

You'll find that you'll buy all sorts of products, ebooks, and other items that promise you the internet prosperity that you've been searching for. However, much like a kid with its toys, the allure wears off almost as soon as you buy the product. This is known as the Shiny New Object Syndrome. You were enthralled as soon as it was new and different. As soon as the product became to be too troublesome, it lost its newness, and you lost interest in it.

You lost interest in it, because you loved the idea of being able to make money using the product that you bought. But when you saw how much work would be involved, or that you wouldn't make money right away, you ditched it.

Or, perhaps you are on the opposite end of things. Perhaps you are trying to make something work that just isn't working for you. Sometimes people buy into a product, or a system to make money. For a variety of reasons, the product or the system just doesn't work for them. Instead of calling it a day with the system, the purchaser will keep banging their heads agains the wall, so to speak, and not getting anywhere. They won't give up, to their own detriment.

The key is for you to not get trapped between these two extremes. On the one hand, if you find that you keep buying into products and programs,and nothing is working for you, then maybe the issue is that you're not giving anything a chance to work! On the other hand, if you have been wasting time and energy on a product or program that for whatever reason isn't working, then maybe its time to call it a day. Just because a marketer claims that it will work, doesn't mean that it will.

Different success stories and success levels depends upon many variables. Even if someone claims that if you follow their steps, you'll be successful, that doesn't mean that you have the same methods, thought patterns, or temperment that the marketer has! So its okay to let something go. Or, if you feel that you need to tailor a program to meet your needs, then do so! You have to do what works for you, so that you will realize your goals!.

So, if you have Shiny New Object Syndrome, then you need to stop chasing after the next shiny object, and at least try to make something work out for yourself. And, if you are stubborn, then learn flexibility, or release.

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