Weight lifting or strength training, has always been known to produce dynamic results for individuals looking to gain muscular bodies. This is a well-known fact. However, many people just follow along with what the rest of the world does, and really has no idea how to workout for maximum muscle building.

I mean who wants to lift weights for a long time and not get awesome results that they could be getting if they were doing it right? No one wants to spend more time than they have to. This is why researchers and Fitness Experts have come to the realization that you don't have to lift weights for very long to absolutely exhaust your muscles and get maximum results.

In fact, most people perform exercises and strength training sessions much longer than they have to, and they still don't get as good of results as they could be getting if they worked out correctly. So, there is this new concept to weight lifting that many Fitness Experts have realized works the absolute best, though this isn't really a "new" concept.


What Is This New Workout Method?

You'll notice that many people workout using the "aggressive" method, which simply means that they aggressively lift weights in an attempt to exhaust themselves completely. They're basically committing all of their energy to their workout and pushing themselves to their absolute limits by working fast.

Though this may be effective, it's proven that there's an even better method that doesn't require you to put forth rapid bursts of energy in order to maximize your workouts. This new concept is simply that you perform your exercises extremely slowly, as this will exhaust your muscles faster and cause them to work much harder in a shorter amount of time.

Usually with normal workouts you don't notice muscle exhaustion until towards the end of your workouts, which could be anywhere between 30-45 minutes into your weight lifting session.

However, with this slow weight training method, your muscles exhaust much faster and you receive amazing results in 10 minutes that you'd otherwise receive within 25 minutes into your normal workout method. So, why does this method really work and how come more people don't do it?


The Underlying Secrets Behind The Slow Workout Method

By working your muscles at a slower, but still aggressive rate, you stimulate your muscles ability to grow bigger and faster through what's called muscular adaption. Muscular adaption is that point at which your muscles have to adapt to the amount of stress you've placed on them, by growing and developing stronger.

Basically your muscles compensate for how hard they worked by growing bigger and stronger for the next workout. This is the basic concept of building muscle, which is what you're aiming to do. This process usually occurs during your recovery time as that's when your muscles metabolic processes occur in order to "catch up" to how hard you worked them during your workouts.


Why This Workout Method Works Very Well

When you perform workouts very slowly and take extra caution to perform each exercise slowly and correctly, you do one main thing for your muscles. This slow, methodical movement is what causes your individual muscles to produce the maximum movement for each exercise, at the microscopic level.

Basically there are countless tiny muscle fibers within your muscles that drive your muscles' ability to accomplish certain movements. Slow exercises allow for your microscopic muscle fibers to work together more efficiently and allow your muscles to perform each exercise at it's peak. This is what it means to properly perform exercises slowly and methodically in an attempt to accomplish more with your workouts.


How To Utilize This Workout Method Properly

With any exercise, regardless of the muscle you're working, you're going to be lifting something. Preferably you want to start out with your heaviest possible weights during the first set, and this beginning weight should be a bit less than you usually use.

The reason being that you're going to feel a much tougher time accomplishing your workouts if you use the normal weights that you're used to. I highly suggest you lighten the load for each exercise and be smart about this method. You're going to start off strong, but within 5 minutes into your workout, you'll see what muscle exhaustion truly means.

By the end of your workout, make sure that you don't take any shortcuts with your last few exercises and throw in wrong posture. For example, with regulars curls, don't put all of the stress on your back and use your back to lift the weights when it's your biceps that you're supposed to be working out.

The key it to stay proper with your movement and posture, and keep it slow and methodical. Even when you have absolutely no strength to lift the weight, use the perfect movement and posture to get as far as you can, even if it ends up being an inch off the ground.


The Process Of This Method Step-By-Step

With this method it doesn't matter what muscle you're working because your muscles will always be working in an attempt to lift something heavy. Whatever the motion may be, this workout concept applies to each kind of muscle and exercise motion. So, instead of compiling all of the tips into one giant guide, I decided to list them for you step-by-step so you have a better idea of how to accomplish your workouts correctly.


Here's Your Steps:

-Pick a weight that is pretty heavy but one that your muscles can handle for a while

-Start whatever exercise you're doing by slowly lifting the weight very methodically

-Slowly lift the weight, and measure the inches at which you lift by the time it takes

-For example the first inch you lift into the exercise should take about three seconds

-With your exercise you should measure 2-3 seconds between every 15-20 degrees at which you straighten your limb

-Once you get to the peak of the exercise, slowly reverse the direction to let the weight back down and repeat steps 1-5

-Repeat for the normal amount of repetitions you usually do


How You Mainly Benefit From This Workout Approach

When you workout with this awesome approach, your workout time can be drastically decreased due to one simple reason. Usually your workouts would take anywhere from 45 minutes up to an hour, but working out slowly and methodically, you can end up only lifting weights for 15 minutes and get dynamic results.

You probably think this is just way too short, but to be honest, you'll see for yourself why you workout for so short a time. You may even end up cutting your workout down to 10 minutes as your muscles won't be used to working to insanely hard in such a short burst of time.

This one reason is that your muscles become exhausted much faster and therefore put out much more energy in such a short amount of time. This is the reason your workout time is decrease drastically, as your muscles really have been pushed to their absolute limits within 10 minutes of weight lifting. You gain more muscle faster and become stronger in less time.


How Your Six Pack Abdominals Benefit From This Workout

With developing six pack abs you have to keep one main thing in mind. This one thing is that your abdominals develop faster and become stronger when more stress is placed on them.


There are two ways to increase the stress on your abdominals in order to tone them out much faster.

-Optimize your abdominal exercises by using weights where you're able to

-Optimize your abdominal exercises by performing them slowly and methodically

Both of these methods are utilized in this workout approach that I've been explaining to you, which means that your abdominals are sure to get an extreme blast from this slow workout approach. Not only are abdominals subject to the stress of weights, but they also become extremely more developed and toned when you slow your exercises down and perform them in almost a "slow motion" kind of way.

Many people fly through their ab workouts everyday because they've been doing the same thing for a while and they've gotten used to it. I'll tell you right now this won't get you a flat, toned stomach. When you take the time to place stress on your abs and make them work harder than you're used to, that's when you'll reach that toned stomach in no time.

The best way to develop six pack abs is to push them to their limits through the use of weighted exercises that are performed slowly and methodically. I promise you'll see maximized results, especially in your six pack abs, when you slow down your exercises and utilize this workout approach.

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